Employee Attendance Sample Clauses

Employee Attendance. Employees shall be regular in their attendance and observe their scheduled working hours established by the County and the Sheriff. The County may install a time clock system or other time recording device for the purpose of documenting employee attendance. Arrangements for time off must be made with the employee’s supervisor in advance and in accordance with the provisions under which time off is to be taken. If, for legitimate reason, an employee is unable to report for work at this scheduled starting time, the Sheriff’s Office must be notified prior to the starting time unless physically impossible. Failure to do so shall result in disciplinary action.
Employee Attendance. Employees will not suffer a loss of pay or benefits for attendance at such meetings and a maximum of eight (8) hours per year will be available for allocation to employees who attend on their own time.
Employee Attendance. Employee members of the Bargaining Committee shall have the right to attend negotiating meetings without loss of pay; provided that any such employee shall only be entitled to be paid for those hours in attendance at negotiating meetings which fall within the regularly scheduled work hours of such employee. Employees shall be paid for the aforementioned hours, including conciliation proceedings but excluding any arbitration proceedings.
Employee Attendance i. All reasonable travel, accommodation and incidental expenses will be paid;
Employee Attendance. PAYMENT AT MEETINGS/TRAINING An employee requested by the Company to attend meetings, or required to take courses to upgrade their jobs or learn new jobs, will be paid their regular hourly rate for such time. Tuition costs of such training or required Industrial First aid courses will be paid by the Company.
Employee Attendance. 401 Two Employees from the NIU Carpentry Shop shall be provided paid release time from 402 their regular work hours to attend and participate in all contract negotiations. However, the 403 employee must give reasonable notice to the supervisor ofthe intended absence and the supervisor 404 may grant such time consistent with the operating needs ofthe University. 405 ARTICLE XVI SENIORITY 406 ARTICLE XVI, SECTION 1 SENIORITY DEFINITION 407 Seniority pertains to length of service in a classification. The accrual and application of 408 seniority shall be according to the seniority provisions of the State Universities Civil System 409 Statute and Rules.
Employee Attendance. Section 8.1Regular Attendance Regular attendance is important to the efficient operation of the Employer. Employees must make every effort to be on time and come to work every day. Employees are expected to be on the job, on time, every day that they are scheduled to work. Whenever possible, employees should schedule all medical and personal appointments outside of work hours. If this is not an option, employees will make arrangement for any scheduled appointments to be covered.