Emergency Homepage Sample Clauses

Emergency Homepage. Authorized CMS End Users shall have capability to activate a pre-configured emergency home page to quickly notify County residents during an emergency event. When activated, the Emergency notification page shall be presented as an altered home page design or news ticker.

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  • Emergency Service If you are unable to reach Administrator at 000-000-0000 and you require emergency repair, you may contact any manufacturer authorized service repair facility listed in Your phone book or online. Mail Administrator Your original repair xxxx along with the technician’s report and a copy of the Agreement to the address at the top of this Agreement for reimbursement. All coverage and exclusions in this Agreement will apply.

  • Emergency Services The parties recognize that in the event of a strike or lockout, situations may arise of an emergency nature. To this end, the Employer and the Union will agree to provide services of an emergency nature.

  • Emergency Service Leave ‌ Where employees' services are required for emergency operations by request from the Provincial Emergency Program or appropriate police authority, leave from work as required may be granted without loss of basic pay. If any remuneration, other than for expenses, is received, it shall be remitted to the Employer.

  • Emergency and urgently needed care outside the service area Professional services of a physician, emergency room treatment, and inpatient hospital services are covered at eighty percent (80%) of the first two thousand dollars ($2,000) of the charges incurred per insurance year, and one-hundred percent (100%) thereafter. The maximum eligible out-of-pocket expense per individual per year for this benefit is four hundred dollars ($400). This benefit is not available when the member’s condition permits him or her to receive care within the network of the plan in which the individual is enrolled.

  • Emergency Room Services This plan covers services received in a hospital emergency room when needed to stabilize or initiate treatment in an emergency. If your condition needs immediate or urgent, but non-emergency care, contact your PCP or use an urgent care center. This plan covers bandages, crutches, canes, collars, and other supplies incidental to your treatment in the emergency room as part of our allowance for the emergency room services. Additional services provided in the emergency room such as radiology or physician consultations are covered separately from emergency room services and may require additional copayments. The amount you pay is based on the type of service being rendered. Follow-up care services, such as suture removal, fracture care or wound care, received at the emergency room will require an additional emergency room copayment. Follow- up care services can be obtained from your primary care provider or a specialist. See Dental Services in Section 3 for information regarding emergency dental care services.

  • Emergency Situations If the condition is an emergency, this will be communicated to the Contractor with the request that corrections are to be accomplished immediately. The Contractor shall respond to the notice in emergency situations within twenty-four hours. If the Contractor fails to respond within this time limit, the Owner may correct the defect and charge the Contractor for the Work. If it is determined the complaint is not the responsibility of the Contractor, the Contractor shall be promptly paid for the cost of the corrective work. The Contractor shall give notice in writing to the Owner when corrections have been completed.

  • Emergency Generator Subject to Tenant's compliance with all Applicable Laws and Landlord's prior approval of all plans and specifications, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, Landlord shall permit Tenant to install, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, an above-ground emergency generator (as a Miscellaneous Common Area Item) for Tenant's use in the Building. Such emergency generator shall be used by Tenant only during (i) testing and regular maintenance, and (ii) any period of electrical power outage in the Building. Tenant shall be entitled to operate the emergency generator for testing and regular maintenance only upon notice to Landlord and at times reasonably approved by Landlord. Landlord's consent to Tenant's plans for the emergency generator may be conditioned on Tenant complying with such reasonable requirements imposed by Landlord, based on the advice of Landlord's engineers, so that the systems and equipment of the Building are not adversely affected. Any repairs and maintenance of such generator shall be the sole responsibility of Tenant. Upon the expiration or earlier termination of the Lease, Tenant shall, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, remove the emergency generator and all associated cabling and wiring and repair all damage resulting from such removal. Landlord makes no representation or warranty with respect to the emergency generator or its suitability for use by Tenant and Article 10 of the Lease shall apply with respect to Tenant's use, maintenance, repair and operation of the emergency generator.

  • Emergency Repairs In the event of a service-affecting emergency, CBT shall begin repair of its facilities containing CLEC’s Attachments as soon as reasonably possible after notification by CLEC.

  • Emergency Work Employees who are required to report for emergency work on non- workdays, or outside of their regular hours of work on a scheduled workday or on holidays which they are entitled to have off, shall be paid overtime compensation for the actual work time and for travel time in connection therewith, but such travel time shall not exceed one-half (1/2) hour.

  • Emergency Any situation resulting in imminent danger to the public health or safety or the loss of an essential governmental service. See (O.C.G.A. 36-91-2(7).