Eligibility for Compassionate Grant Sample Clauses

Eligibility for Compassionate Grant. A compassionate grant as per clause 3.22 is payable to the estate of an employee who deceases within 12 months of the date medical retirement is approved under this provision (for the sake of clarity this date is from the date of retirement as per clause 6.8) except that if the amount of sick leave remaining under option clause 6.8(b) exceeds 12 months, the entitlement to the compassionate grant shall remain until the sick leave has been exhausted. Note: Regardless of which entitlement is activated under this scheme, the date of medical retirement is the date the Secretary for Education granted concurrence.
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  • ELIGIBILITY FOR SERVICES The COUNTY shall determine eligibility for receiving services under this agreement.

  • Medicaid Enrollment Treatment Grantees shall enroll as a provider with Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) and all Medicaid Managed Care organizations in Grantee’s service region within the first quarter of this procurement term and maintain through the procurement term.

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