EIS - Environmental Impact Statement Sample Clauses

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement. Engineer - District Director, Department of Public Works WSSC General Manager Fairfax Director, Department of Public Works ENR - Engineering News Record. ENR Building Cost Index - The index compiled and published by Engineering News Record that measures the effects of wage-rate and materials-price trends; spe- cifically the ENR 20 - cities cost index (with a base of 100 in 1913) named the Building Cost Index. EPA - U. S . Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Construction Cost Index - The specific construction cost index for munici- pal Wastewater treatment plants developed by the Water Pollution Control Admin- istration, forerunner of the EPA, published on a semiannual basis by EPA. This index is maintained for construction costs in 20 U.S. cities. The index for the City of Baltimore, Maryland is to be used for purposes in the Agreement. The in- dex number for September 30, 1983, is 206.0. GPD - Gallons per day. Highest Rolling Annual Average Flow - The highest among a set of annual average Wastewater Flow calculations computed in each of a series of consecutive months. Interim Allocation Capacity - Amount of the 309 MGD Wastewater treatment capacity at Blue Plains assigned to each User. Intraplant Flow(s) - Wastewater flow rate(s) measured or estimated within Blue Plains that include extraneous recycle, return, and waste Sludge flow rates. Marketing, Distribution and Sale of Composted Sludge - All phases of activity related to the removal, packaging, advertising and selling of composted Sludge. MCCF - Xxxxxxxxxx County Composting Facility. MES - Maryland Environmental Service. MGD - Million gallons per day.

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  • Environmental Assessment In connection with its surrender of the Premises, Tenant shall submit to Landlord, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date of this Lease (or in the event of an earlier termination of this Lease, as soon as reasonably possible following such termination), an environmental Assessment of the Premises by a competent and experienced environmental engineer or engineering firm reasonably satisfactory to Landlord (pursuant to a contract approved by Landlord and providing that Landlord can rely on the Environmental Assessment). If such Environmental Assessment reveals that remediation or Clean-up is required under any Environmental Laws that Tenant is responsible for under this Lease, Tenant shall submit a remediation plan prepared by a recognized environmental consultant and shall be responsible for all costs of remediation and Clean-up, as more particularly provided in Section 5.3, above.

  • Environmental Site Assessment Lender shall have the right, at any time and from time to time, to undertake an environmental site assessment on the Property, including any testing that Lender may determine, in its sole discretion, is necessary or desirable to ascertain the environmental condition of the Property and the compliance of the Property with Requirements of Environmental Laws. Borrower shall cooperate fully with Lender and its consultants performing such assessments and tests. If Lender undertakes such assessments because Lender reasonably believes contamination has occurred, or if the assessment reveals contamination not previously known to Lender, the expense of such assessment shall be paid by the Borrower. Otherwise, any such assessment shall be at Lender's expense.