Effective Human Resource Management Sample Clauses

Related to Effective Human Resource Management

  • Human Resources (i) Advice and assistance in relation to the staffing of Party B, including assistance in the recruitment, employment and secondment of management personnel, administrative personnel and staff of Party B;

  • Service Management Effective support of in-scope services is a result of maintaining consistent service levels. The following sections provide relevant details on service availability, monitoring of in-scope services and related components.

  • Relationship Management 1. Participate in meetings with Mellon to discuss trends, technology and strategic direction, and report pertinent information to the Fund board.

  • Executive Management The PH-MCO must include in its Executive Management structure:  A full-time Administrator with authority over the entire operation of the PH-MCO.  A full-time HealthChoices Program Manager to oversee the operation of the Agreement, if different than the Administrator of the PH-MCO.  A full-time Medical Director who is a current Pennsylvania-licensed physician. The Medical Director must be actively involved in all major clinical program components of the PH-MCO and directly participates in the oversight of the Special Needs Unit, QM Department and UM Department. The Medical Director and his/her staff/consultant physicians must devote sufficient time to the PH-MCO to ensure timely medical decisions, including after-hours consultation, as needed.  A full-time Pharmacy Director to oversee the Formulary and Prior Authorization criteria and serve on the PH-MCO Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  A full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to oversee the budget and accounting systems implemented by the PH-MCO. The CFO must ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all financial reports. The CFO shall devote sufficient time and resources to responsibilities under this Agreement.  A full-time Information Systems (IS) Coordinator, who is responsible for the oversight of all information systems issues with the Department. The IS Coordinator must have a good working knowledge of the PH- MCO's entire program and operation, as well as the technical expertise to answer questions related to the operation of the information system.  These full time positions must be solely dedicated to the PA Medicaid Managed Care Program.

  • Performance Management 17.1 The Contractor will appoint a suitable Account Manager to liaise with the Authority’s Strategic Contract Manager. Any/all changes to the terms and conditions of the Agreement will be agreed in writing between the Authority’s Strategic Contract Manager and the Contractor’s appointed representative.

  • Disease Management If you have a chronic condition such as asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we’re here to help. Our tools and information can help you manage your condition and improve your health. You may also be eligible to receive help through our care coordination program. This voluntary program is available at no additional cost you. To learn more about disease management, please call (000) 000-0000 or 0-000-000-0000. About This Agreement Our entire contract with you consists of this agreement and our contract with your employer. Your ID card will identify you as a member when you receive the healthcare services covered under this agreement. By presenting your ID card to receive covered healthcare services, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and obligations of this agreement. Your eligibility for benefits is determined under the provisions of this agreement. Your right to appeal and take action is described in Appeals in Section 5. This agreement describes the benefits, exclusions, conditions and limitations provided under your plan. It shall be construed under and shall be governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the State of Rhode Island and federal law as amended from time to time. It replaces any agreement previously issued to you. If this agreement changes, an amendment or new agreement will be provided.

  • General Management In the discharge of its general duty to manage the successful performance of the Services, Vendor shall:

  • Account Management 15.1 The Contractor is required to provide a dedicated Strategic Account Manager who will be the main point of contact for the Authority. The Strategic Account Manager will:  Attend quarterly, or as otherwise agreed, review meetings with the Authority, in person at the Authority’s premises or other locations as determined by the Authority  Attend regular catch-up meetings with the Authority, in person or by telephone/videoconference  Resolve any on-going operational issues which have not been resolved by the Contractor or Account Manager(s) and therefore require escalation  Ensure that the costs involved in delivering the Framework are as low as possible, whilst always meeting the required standards of service and quality.

  • Labour Management Relations Committee In recognition of the mutual benefits of open communications and on-going consultation between the faculty and the employer, the Labour/Management Relations Committee will meet on a regular basis and have equal representation for the Union and the Employer. The LMRC will serve as an open forum for the free and candid discussion of matters of mutual concern to faculty members and management.

  • Labour Management Committee Where the parties mutually agree that there are matters of mutual concern and interest that would be beneficial if discussed at a Labour/Management Committee meeting during the term of this Agreement, the following shall apply: An equal number of representatives of each party as mutually agreed shall meet at a time and place mutually satisfactory. A request for a meeting hereunder will be made in writing prior to the date proposed and accompanied by an agenda of matters proposed to be discussed, which shall not include matters that are properly the subject of grievance or negotiations for the amendment or renewal of this agreement. Any representative(s) attending such meetings during their regularly scheduled hours of work shall not lose regular earnings as a result of such attendance. It is agreed that the topic of a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol abuse is an appropriate topic for the Labour/Management Committee. It is understood that joint meetings with other Labour/Management Committees in the Hospital may be scheduled concerning issues of mutual interest if satisfactory to all concerned. Where two or more agreements exist between a Hospital and CUPE the Committee may be a joint one representing employees under both agreements, unless otherwise agreed. It is also agreed that the topic of utilization of full-time and part-time staff is an appropriate topic for the Labour-Management Committee. The committee shall have access to work schedules and job postings upon request.