Effective as of the Amendment Effective Date Sample Clauses

Effective as of the Amendment Effective Date. 2.1 The Credit Agreement (excluding the Exhibits attached thereto) is hereby amended by deleting the stricken text (indicated textually in the same manner as the following example: stricken text) and by adding the double-underlined text (indicated textually in the same manner as the following example: double-underlined text) as set forth in Annex I hereto.

Related to Effective as of the Amendment Effective Date

  • Amendment Effective Date This Amended and Restated Performance Contract is effective on September 1, 2020.

  • Restatement Effective Date The effectiveness of this Agreement and of the obligations of the Lenders to make Loans hereunder shall not become effective until completion of each of the following conditions precedent (unless a condition shall have been waived in accordance with Section 9.02):

  • Amendment Effectiveness This Amendment shall become effective as of the first date (the “First Refinancing Amendment Effective Date”) on which the following conditions have been satisfied:

  • Agreement Effective Date This Agreement shall become effective and binding upon each Party immediately following the occurrence of the following conditions (the “Agreement Effective Date”):

  • Effect; Effective Date Upon (i) delivery to the Administrative Agent of a notice of assignment, substantially in the form attached as Exhibit “I” to Exhibit G hereto (a “Notice of Assignment”), together with any consents required by Section 12.3(i), and (ii) payment of a $3,500 fee by the assignor or assignee to the Administrative Agent for processing such assignment, such assignment shall become effective on the effective date specified in such Notice of Assignment. The Notice of Assignment shall contain a representation by the Purchaser to the effect that none of the consideration used to make the purchase of the Commitment and Loans under the applicable assignment agreement are “plan assets” as defined under ERISA and that the rights and interests of the Purchaser in and under the Loan Documents will not be “plan assets” under ERISA. On and after the effective date of such assignment, such Purchaser shall for all purposes be a Lender party to the Agreement and any other Loan Document executed by the Lenders and shall have all the rights and obligations of a Lender under the Loan Documents, to the same extent as if it were an original party hereto, and no further consent or action by the Borrower, the Lenders or the Administrative Agent shall be required to release the transferor Lender, and the transferor Lender shall automatically be released on the effective date of such assignment, with respect to the percentage of the Aggregate Commitment and Loans assigned to such Purchaser. Upon the consummation of any assignment to a Purchaser pursuant to this Section 12.3(ii), the transferor Lender, the Administrative Agent and the Borrower shall make appropriate arrangements so that replacement Notes are issued to such transferor Lender and new Notes or, as appropriate, replacement Notes, are issued to such Purchaser, in each case in principal amounts reflecting its Commitment, as adjusted pursuant to such assignment.

  • Contract Effective Date This agreement becomes effective when signed by the last party whose signing makes the agreement fully executed.

  • Effective Date, Amendment and Termination A. This Agreement shall become effective as of the date executed by JPMDS or as of the first date thereafter upon which Financial Intermediary performs any service, or receives any payment pursuant hereto.

  • Effective Date of Amendment This Amendment shall be deemed effective as of the date first written above, as if executed on such date.

  • Initial Effective Date The initial effective date of coverage under the Group Insurance Program is the thirty-fifth (35th) day following the employee's first day of employment, re- hire, or reinstatement with the State. The initial effective date of coverage for an employee whose eligibility has changed is the date of the change. An employee must be actively at work on the initial effective date of coverage, except that an employee who is on paid leave on the date State-paid life insurance benefits increase is also entitled to the increased life insurance coverage. In no event shall an employee's dependent's coverage become effective before the employee's coverage. If an employee is not actively at work due to employee or dependent health status or medical disability, medical and dental coverage will still take effect. (Life and disability coverage will be delayed until the employee returns to work.)

  • Effective Date of the Agreement The date indicated in the Agreement on which it becomes effective, but if no such date is indicated, it means the date on which the Agreement is signed and delivered by the last of the two parties to sign and deliver.