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  • Period of Agreement This Agreement shall start on _, 20 (“Effective Date”), and end on , 20_ _, at 12:00 midnight (“Listing Period”), unless the expiration date is extended in writing.

  • week period If an employee fails to return at the end of the family care or medical leave, the CSU may require repayment of insurance premiums paid during the unpaid portion of the leave. The CSU shall not require repayment of premiums if the employee's failure to return is due to his/her serious health condition or due to circumstances beyond the employee's control.

  • Commencement of Term The Term commences upon the Commercial Operation Date.

  • Years If the employee has ten (10) years but less than sixteen (16) years of continuous service with the Employer, the employee shall be entitled to a lump sum payment equal to seven (7) months pay at the rate of pay the employee was earning at the time the position became redundant or surplus.

  • months The provisions of the Contract will apply (subject to any Variation or adjustment to the Contract Price pursuant to clause C4 (Price adjustment on extension of the Initial Contract Period)) throughout any such extended period.

  • Meal Period Employees shall receive a meal period which shall commence no less than two (2) hours nor more than five (5) hours from the beginning of the employee's regular shift or when he/she is called in to work on his/her regular day off. The meal period shall be no less than one-half (½) hour nor more than one (1) hour in duration and shall be without compensation. Should an employee be required to work in excess of five (5) continuous hours from the commencement of his/her regular shift without being provided a meal period, the employee shall be compensated two (2) times the employee's straight-time hourly rate of pay for the time worked during his/her normal meal period and be afforded a meal period at the first available opportunity during working hours without compensation.

  • Transition Period Due to the nature of our purchasing process, the District often requires an existing service provider to continue to provide goods and/or services while the District is in the process of advertising, evaluating, and awarding a contract for the provision of the same goods and/or services in the future. To accommodate this process, the Contractor shall agree to maintain the same terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement for a period up to ninety (90) days after the automatic termination of this Agreement at the end of its term, if requested by the District, as a transition period. In addition, if the Contractor is not the successful bidder for a future solicitation for the same or similar services, he or she shall agree to provide the same goods and/or services provided in this Agreement for a period up to ninety (90) days to allow for an orderly transition to the new provider. The District and the Contractor may mutually agree to a longer transition period.

  • Initial Term The initial term will begin on the date set forth in the Contract documents or on the date the Contract is signed by all Parties, whichever is later.

  • Break Period All employees shall be permitted a ten (10) minute rest period in both the first and second half of a shift.

  • Initial Period The Initial Period will begin on the date set forth above and will terminate on the earlier of (i) the Commercial Operation Date, or (ii) the Date the Agreement is terminated pursuant to the provisions of Clause 19.