Duly Sample Clauses

Duly. Endorsed
Duly executed confidentiality agreements from each of Company’s employees that are offered and accept employment with the Purchaser (other than Key Company Employees, whose non-competition obligations shall be set forth in the Employment Agreement ) in a form satisfactory to Purchaser (collectively, the “Confidentiality Agreements”);
Duly execution
Duly authorized representatives of the Union shall, upon reporting to the administrative office, be permitted at all reasonable times to enter the laundry operated by the Employer for the purpose of representing employees covered by their Agreement and observing conditions under which employees are employed; provided, however, that no interference with the work of employees or interruption of normal laundry operations shall result. Permission must be obtained from the appropriate department head prior to removing an employee from his/her position during their working hours. Representation of employees covered by this Agreement shall not be construed to include organizational efforts during employees’ work time. The Employer shall make reasonable effort to make employees available for the purpose of investigation of disputes which arise under the terms of this Agreement.