Doctrine Sample Clauses

Doctrine. A. The legal regime, staff training, organizational lines, operational guidelines and, in general, the institutional definition and operation of the National Civil Police shall accord with democratic principles; the concept of public security as a service provided by the State to its citizens, free from all considerations of politics, ideology or social position or any other discrimination; respect for human rights; the effort to prevent crime; and the subordination of the force to the constitutional authorities. Citizens' exercise of their political rights may not be impaired by police activities.
Doctrine. X. Xxxxxxxx, “The Paris Climate Change Agreement – A New Hope?” American Journal of International Law, vol. 110, 2016, pp. 288-319.

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  • Blue Pencil Doctrine If the duration of, the scope of or any business activity covered by any provision of this Section 7 is in excess of what is determined to be valid and enforceable under applicable law, such provision shall be construed to cover only that duration, scope or activity that is determined to be valid and enforceable. Executive hereby acknowledges that this Section 7 shall be given the construction that renders its provisions valid and enforceable to the maximum extent, not exceeding its express terms, possible under applicable law.

  • Application of Law The referee shall be required to determine all issues in accordance with existing case law and the statutory laws of the State of California. The rules of evidence applicable to proceedings at law in the State of California will be applicable to the reference proceeding. The referee shall be empowered to enter equitable as well as legal relief, enter equitable orders that will be binding on the parties and rule on any motion which would be authorized in a court proceeding, including without limitation motions for summary judgment or summary adjudication. The referee shall issue a decision at the close of the reference proceeding which disposes of all claims of the parties that are the subject of the reference. Pursuant to CCP § 644, such decision shall be entered by the Court as a judgment or an order in the same manner as if the action had been tried by the Court and any such decision will be final, binding and conclusive. The parties reserve the right to appeal from the final judgment or order or from any appealable decision or order entered by the referee. The parties reserve the right to findings of fact, conclusions of laws, a written statement of decision, and the right to move for a new trial or a different judgment, which new trial, if granted, is also to be a reference proceeding under this provision.

  • Principle The Network User who has to provide a collateral pursuant to:

  • Application of Laws 1. While entering, within, or leaving the territory of one Party, its laws and regulations relating to the operation and navigation of aircraft shall be complied with by the other Party’s airlines.

  • Agreement Made in California; Venue The formation, interpretation and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. Venue for all litigation relative to the formation, interpretation and performance of this Agreement shall be in San Francisco.

  • Application of this Agreement 2.1 All facilities made available by the Bank to any Person in respect of a Card or a Card Account are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (as may be amended from time to time subject to prior notice) and any other applicable terms and conditions. A Person becomes subject to such terms and conditions (if not already so subject) by signing, activating or using a Card or permitting its use.

  • Principles of Interpretation No inference in favor of or against any Party shall be drawn from the fact that such Party has drafted any part of this Second Amendment. The Parties participated substantially in the negotiation, drafting, and revision of this Second Amendment, with advice from legal and other counsel and advisers of their own selection. A word, term or phrase defined in this Second Amendment may be used in the singular, plural, past tense or future tense, regardless of how it is defined, all in accordance with ordinary principles of English grammar, which shall govern all language in this Second Amendment. The words “include” and “including” in this Second Amendment shall be construed to be followed by the words: “without limitation.” Each collective noun in this Second Amendment shall be interpreted as if followed by the words “(or any part of it),” except where the context clearly requires otherwise. Every reference to any document, including the Agreement, refers to such document, as modified from time to time (excepting any modification that violates the Agreement), and includes all exhibits, schedules, addenda and riders to such document. The word “or” in this Second Amendment includes the word “and,” except where the context clearly requires otherwise. Every reference to a law, statute, regulation, order, form or similar governmental requirement in this Second Amendment refers to each such requirement as amended, modified, renumbered, superseded or succeeded, from time to time.

  • Principles 1.1.0 The Trust will be governed by the employee representatives and the employer representatives, together with the Crown;

  • Law 14.1 This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of New York, without giving effect to principles of conflict of laws.

  • Violation of Law No change shall have occurred after the date of this Agreement in any applicable Law that makes it a violation of Law for (a) Owner, any Applicable Pass Through Trustee, Subordination Agent or Mortgagee to execute, deliver and perform the Operative Agreements to which any of them is a party or (b) any Applicable Pass Through Trustee to make the loan contemplated by Section 2.1, to acquire an Equipment Note or to realize the benefits of the security afforded by the Trust Indenture.