DISTRIBUTORS, VENDORS, RESELLERS. Contractor agrees and acknowledges that any such designations of distributors, vendors, resellers or the like are for the convenience of the Contractor only and the awarded Contractor will remain responsible and liable for all obligations under the Contract and the performance of any designated distributor, vendor, reseller, etc. Contractor is also responsible for receiving and processing any Customer purchase order in accordance with the Contract and forwarding of the Purchase Order to the designated distributor, vendor, reseller, etc. to complete the sale or service. H-GAC reserves the right to reject any entity acting on the Contractor’s behalf or refuse to add entities after a contract is awarded.


  • Vendor’s Resellers as Related to This Agreement Vendor’s Named Resellers under this Agreement shall comply with all terms and conditions of this agreement and all addenda or incorporated documents. All actions related to sales by Authorized Vendor’s Resellers under this Agreement are the responsibility of the Awarded Vendor.

  • Resellers Does the vendor have resellers that it will name under this contract? Resellers are defined as other companies that sell your products under an agreement with you, the awarded vendor of TIPS. No Pricing discount percentage are guaranteed for? Does the vendor agrees to honor the proposed pricing discount percentage off regular catalog (as defined in the RFP document), website, store or shelf pricing for the term of the award? YES

  • Third Party Vendors Except as provided below, to the extent that any Welfare Plan is administered by a third-party vendor, the Parties shall cooperate and use their commercially reasonable efforts to replicate any contract with such third-party vendor for Parent or SpinCo, as applicable and to maintain any pricing discounts or other preferential terms for both Parent and SpinCo for a reasonable term. Neither Party shall be liable for failure to obtain such pricing discounts or other preferential terms for the other Party. Each Party shall be responsible for any additional premiums, charges, or administrative fees that such Party may incur pursuant to this Section 7.07.

  • Vendors Any vendors engaged by Tenant to perform services in or to the Premises including, without limitation, janitorial contractors and moving contractors shall be coordinated with any work being performed by or for Landlord and in such manner as to maintain harmonious labor relations and not to damage the Building or the Property or interfere with Building construction or operation and shall be performed by vendors first approved by Landlord.

  • SELLERS 20 The member states initially anticipate that they will provide a monetary allowance to sellers 21 under Model 2 based on the following:

  • Distributors In addition to direct sales to Clients, Supplier grants Accenture: (i) the right to resell Products and Services to a third-party distributor (“Distributor”) for resale to Client or to a financing company for leasing to Client.

  • Distributor The Trust hereby appoints the Distributor as general distributor of shares of beneficial interest of the Series ("Series shares") during the term of this Agreement. The Trust reserves the right, however, to refuse at any time or times to sell any Series shares hereunder for any reason deemed adequate by the Board of Trustees of the Trust.

  • Contributor’s Deliveries At the Closing, Contributor shall deliver the following to Acquirer in addition to all other items required to be delivered to Acquirer by Contributor:

  • Supplier A manufacturer, fabricator, distributor, supplier, or vendor of goods or equipment in connection with the Work, or any other party having a Contract or Purchase Order with the Contractor or with a Subcontractor to furnish materials or equipment to be incorporated in the Work by the Contractor or a Subcontractor.

  • Contractor’s Representative Contractor hereby designates [***INSERT NAME OR TITLE***], or his or her designee, to act as its representative for the performance of this Agreement (“Contractor’s Representative”). Contractor’s Representative shall have full authority to represent and act on behalf of the Contractor for all purposes under this Agreement. The Contractor’s Representative shall supervise and direct the Services, using his best skill and attention, and shall be responsible for all means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures and for the satisfactory coordination of all portions of the Services under this Agreement.