Distribution of the Sample Clauses

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Distribution of the museum Registry Protocol specifications and the Software. As soon as possible after the date of this Agreement, MuseDoma, or its designee, will provided Registrar with:
Distribution of the noise in signals like that shown in Fig. 2.5, recorded when the tip is far away from the surface. The bin width of the distribution is 10 pN. The open circles are the experimental data and the solid curve is a Gaussian fit. The distribution has a width of 148 pN. The seemingly good agreement between the measured noise amplitude and the expected amplitude is fortuitous, the width of the experimental distribution being limited severely by the low-pass filter, which was set at a of 1 kHz low frequency, which is low with respect to the resonance frequency of the cantilever of
Distribution of the noise in friction loops when the pass-filter is at 10 kHz. The grey line is the Gaussian fit to the data, with a standard deviation of 291.5 pN. The loops were measured at a scan velocity of 30 nm/s. Using a pass filter with a bandwidth of 10 kHz in the detection electronics, we allow most of the thermal motion of the cantilever to be recorded and processed. This gives a much more realistic estimate of the noise level of the system. The Gaussian distribution of the noise when the pass-filter is at 10 kHz as shown in Fig. 2.7 gives a standard deviation of 291.5 pN. The fact that this number is not significantly different from the width measured with the tip out of contact implies that the possibility of relative motion of the sample with respect to the tip does not introduce additional noise in the instrument. Since the theoretically estimated thermal noise of 159 pN is roughly a factor 2 below the observed noise level, additional sources of noise must be present in the system. We can rule out significant heating of the Tribolever (and thus stronger thermal excitations) due to laser heating of the pyramid because of the low laser power and the high reflectivity of the pyramid surface. The fact that we observe a Gaussian distribution suggests that the source of extra noise is also not the coupling in of acoustic noise (sound) or building vibrations. We assume that the extra noise is due to variations in the laser power and to electronic noise generated by the photodiodes and the detection electronics. The fact that we did not observe any significant reduction of noise in the signal when the tip was made in contact with the surface indicates that the additional noise present is from the instrument. When the tip is in contact with the surface, the spring constant that would influence the noise is kT + kC = 23.3 N/m. The reduction in the noise due to this new spring constant by the tip touching the surface is only about 10%, which means that the majority of the noise in the signal when we use 10 kHz pass-filter is purely instrumental.
Distribution of the aero Registry Protocol specifications and the Software . As soon as commercially practicable after the date of this Agreement, Afilias will provide Registrar with:
Distribution of the actions in time (3 pilot rounds) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the pilots will be postponed. For now in Finland, restrictions prevent the implementation since contacts between reception centre professionals and asylum seekers are cut to a minimum, most of the services are not provided and visiting reception centres is forbidden. Currently, it is likely that
Distribution of the actions in time (3 pilot rounds) Round 1 - online preparation (all activities developing online due to the pandemic situation, until September 2020): Focus on the individual competence development of social workers and service providers (their skills, knowledge, attitude etc.) Based on RAISD's results, researchers and ARU members create a preliminary "toolbox" of vulnerability profiles and the possible trajectories of these model cases towards an acceptable solution of the problem. Stakeholder involvement should be designed having in mind the effects of COVID-19 on them. Social workers and service providers undergo a needs/skills assessment and an online capacity building training. Based on their feedback, the toolbox is finalized. Round 2: (October 2020 - January 2021): Focus on testing the trajectories in real-life situations and on enhancing organizational capacities for incorporating the work outlined in Round 1 in the daily operation of the given organisations. It should include the revision of internal protocols and job descriptions and the establishing an external supporting structure (coaching, on-the-job training). Round 3: (February 2021 - July 2021): Focus on inter-institutional cooperation, information sharing, as well as on building a network of the organisations involved, through the ARU's work and case-by-case coordination. In the meantime, the content of the previous two rounds are being implemented and improved constantly until a final evaluation.
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Distribution of the actions in time (3 pilot rounds) The plan is to have the first round for both pilots between June-August 2020. This would allow us to analyse the feedback during the end of the summer and then start new rounds in October-December 2020. The final round would then be implemented in early 2021.

Related to Distribution of the

  • Distribution of Funds Deliver (i) to Seller, or order, the cash portion of the Purchase Price, adjusted for prorations, charges and other credits and debits provided for herein; and (ii) to Buyer, or order, any excess funds delivered to Escrow Agent by Buyer. Such funds shall be delivered by wire transfer or cashier’s check in accordance with instructions for Seller and Buyer; if no instructions are given, Escrow Agent shall deliver such funds by Escrow Agent’s check via overnight courier (or as otherwise requested by the intended recipient) to the appropriate party at the address set forth for notice in this Agreement.

  • Distribution of Net Cash Flow Net Cash Flow shall be distributed among the Partners in accordance with their Partnership Percentages at such times and in such amounts as shall be determined by the General Partner.

  • Distribution of Cash (a) The Partnership shall distribute cash on a quarterly (or, at the election of the General Partner, more frequent) basis, in an amount determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion, to the Partners who are Partners on the Partnership Record Date with respect to such quarter (or other distribution period) in accordance with Section 5.2(b).

  • Distribution of Units Unless otherwise determined by the Committee or required by any applicable law, rule or regulation, neither the Company nor the Partnership shall deliver to the Participant certificates evidencing Units issued pursuant to this Agreement and instead such Units shall be recorded in the books of the Partnership (or, as applicable, its transfer agent or equity plan administrator). All certificates for Units issued pursuant to this Agreement and all Units issued pursuant to book entry procedures hereunder shall be subject to such stop transfer orders and other restrictions as the Company may deem advisable under the Plan or the rules, regulations, and other requirements of the SEC, any stock exchange upon which such Units are then listed, and any applicable federal or state laws, and the Company may cause a legend or legends to be inscribed on any such certificates or book entry to make appropriate reference to such restrictions. In addition to the terms and conditions provided herein, the Company may require that the Participant make such covenants, agreements, and representations as the Company, in its sole discretion, deems advisable in order to comply with any such laws, regulations, or requirements. No fractional Units shall be issued or delivered pursuant to the Phantom Units and the Committee shall determine, in its discretion, whether cash, other securities, or other property shall be paid or transferred in lieu of fractional Units or whether such fractional Units or any rights thereto shall be canceled, terminated, or otherwise eliminated.

  • DISTRIBUTION ON LIQUIDATION 5.1 If any sum is paid as a liquidating distribution on or with respect to the Collateral, Debtor shall deliver same to the Collateral Agent to be applied to the Obligations, then due, in accordance with the terms of the Convertible Notes.

  • Distribution of Profits Any and all net income accruing to the Joint Venture shall be distributed equally to the Parties.

  • Distribution The Servicer will prepare the form in duplicate and send the original together with evidence of conveyance of title and appropriate supporting documentation to the Master Servicer with the Monthly Accounting Reports which supports the Mortgage Loan’s removal from the Mortgage Loan Activity Report. The Servicer will retain the duplicate for its own records. Due Date With respect to any liquidated Mortgage Loan, the form will be submitted to the Master Servicer no later than the date on which statements are due to the Master Servicer under Section 4.02 of this Agreement (the “Statement Date”) in the month following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan; provided, that if such Statement Date is not at least 30 days after receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan, then the form will be submitted on the first Statement Date occurring after the 30th day following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation. Preparation Instructions The numbers on the form correspond with the numbers listed below.

  • Distribution of Liquidation Proceeds Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, the Administrative Agent shall distribute all Liquidation Proceeds in the order and manner set forth below:

  • Distribution of Payments On and after the Effective Date, the Agent shall make all payments under the Loan Documents in respect of each Assigned Interest (a) in the case of amounts accrued to but excluding the Effective Date, to Assignor and (b) otherwise, to Assignee.

  • Distributions, Etc Upon the dissolution, winding up, liquidation or reorganization of the Tenant, whether in bankruptcy, insolvency or receivership proceedings or upon an assignment for the benefit of creditors or any other marshalling of the assets and liabilities of the Tenant, if any sum shall be paid or any property shall be distributed upon or with respect to any of the Pledged Collateral, such sum shall be paid over to the Secured Parties, to be held as collateral security for the Secured Obligations. If any dividend shall be declared on any of the Pledged Collateral (excluding cash dividends), or any share of beneficial interest or fraction thereof shall be issued pursuant to any split of beneficial interests involving any of the Pledged Collateral, or any distribution of capital shall be made on any of the Pledged Collateral, or any property shall be distributed upon or with respect to the Pledged Collateral pursuant to recapitalization or reclassification of the capital of the Tenant, the shares or other property so distributed shall be delivered to the Secured Parties to be held as collateral security for the Secured Obligations.

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