Distribution of the Sample Clauses

Related to Distribution of the

  • Distribution of Funds Deliver (i) to Seller, or order, the cash portion of the Purchase Price, adjusted for prorations, charges and other credits and debits provided for herein; and (ii) to Buyer, or order, any excess funds delivered to Escrow Agent by Buyer. Such funds shall be delivered by wire transfer or cashier’s check in accordance with instructions for Seller and Buyer; if no instructions are given, Escrow Agent shall deliver such funds by Escrow Agent’s check via overnight courier (or as otherwise requested by the intended recipient) to the appropriate party at the address set forth for notice in this Agreement.

  • Distribution of UDP and TCP queries DNS probes will send UDP or TCP “DNS test” approximating the distribution of these queries.

  • Distribution of Net Cash Flow Except to the extent prohibited by any other agreement to which the Trust is a party or is otherwise bound, Net Cash Flow on each Distribution Date shall be distributed on such Distribution Date to each Owner in an amount equal to (i) the Profit allocated to such Owner under this Article VII and not previously distributed to such Owner less (ii) the amount of Losses allocated to such Owner to the extent such Losses were not applied in reduction of the amount of any previous distribution of Net Cash Flow to such Owner. All payments to be made under this Agreement by the Owner Trustee shall be made only from the income and proceeds of the Trust Property and only to the extent the Owner Trustee has received such income or proceeds.

  • Distribution of Cash (a) The Partnership shall distribute cash on a quarterly (or, at the election of the General Partner, more frequent) basis, in an amount determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion, to the Partners who are Partners on the Partnership Record Date with respect to such quarter (or other distribution period) in accordance with Section 5.2(b); provided, however, that if a new or existing Partner acquires an additional Partnership Interest in exchange for a Capital Contribution on any date other than a Partnership Record Date, the cash distribution attributable to such additional Partnership Interest relating to the Partnership Record Date next following the issuance of such additional Partnership Interest shall be reduced in the proportion equal to one minus (i) the number of days that such additional Partnership Interest is held by such Partner bears to (ii) the number of days between such Partnership Record Date and the immediately preceding Partnership Record Date.

  • Distribution of Overtime Overtime work assignments shall be distributed as equally as is feasible among employees in the work unit who normally do the particular type of work needed. When such an assignment is a burden to the employee, the Agency agrees to attempt to assign it to another employee or cancel the assignment. When such burden exists, the employee shall not be required to work unless his/her absence would cause the Agency to be unable to meet its responsibilities. The provisions of this Article shall not apply to employees in the classifications of Livestock Brand Inspector, who shall continue to be paid the full-time monthly rate as per the current practice.

  • DISTRIBUTION ON LIQUIDATION 5.1 If any sum is paid as a liquidating distribution on or with respect to the Collateral, Debtor shall deliver same to the Collateral Agent to be applied to the Obligations, then due, in accordance with the terms of the Convertible Notes.

  • Distribution of Profits 11.2.1 For each profit distribution, the Management Company shall instruct the Trustee to transfer such amount of cash as required to reflect such distribution to the Distribution Account or to issue Bank Draft/Order/Instruments/online transfer for the payment of such profit. The amount standing to the credit of the Distribution Account shall not for any purposes of this Deed be treated as part of the Trust Property but shall be held by the Trustee upon trust to distribute the same as herein provided subject to clause 5.C.5 of this Deed.

  • Distribution of Agreement The Employer agrees to make available to each employee a copy of this Agreement and to provide a copy of the same Agreement to all new employees entering the employment of the Employer.

  • Distribution of Contract The Association shall be responsible for distribution of the contract to all bargaining unit members.

  • Distribution of Public Keys Each of Registry Operator and Escrow Agent will distribute its public key to the other party (Registry Operator or Escrow Agent, as the case may be) via email to an email address to be specified. Each party will confirm receipt of the other party’s public key with a reply email, and the distributing party will subsequently reconfirm the authenticity of the key transmitted via offline methods, like in person meeting, telephone, etc. In this way, public key transmission is authenticated to a user able to send and receive mail via a mail server operated by the distributing party. Escrow Agent, Registry Operator and ICANN will exchange public keys by the same procedure.