Distribution of Net Proceeds Sample Clauses

Distribution of Net Proceeds. The Members shall continue to allocate Profits and Losses and distribute Available Cash and Net Capital Transaction Proceeds during the winding-up period in the same manner and the same priorities as provided for in Articles 4 and 5 hereof. The proceeds from the liquidation of LLC Property shall be applied in the following order:

Distribution of Net Proceeds. Distributions to Parties of Products (other than precious metals), shall be in the form of Net Proceeds. All (100%) of Net Proceeds shall be distributed in proportion to the Parties’ Participating Interests at such time said Net Proceeds is received by the Venture. Distributions of Net Proceeds shall be made to the Parties on a monthly basis and within thirty (60) days following the end of each month in which Net Proceeds is realized.

Distribution of Net Proceeds. Upon the occurrence of any of the events specified above and the completion of the winding up all LLC business and affairs, the assets of the LLC shall be promptly liquidated and distributed in the following order: