Dispute or Claim Sample Clauses

Dispute or Claim. Any cause of action, claim or dispute which either Party may have against the other arising out of or relating to this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the interpretation of the terms hereof or any Laws or regulations that affect this Agreement, or the transactions contemplated hereunder, or the breach, termination or validity thereof ("Dispute") shall be submitted in writing to the other Party. The written submission of any Dispute shall include a concise statement of the question or issue in dispute together with a statement listing the relevant facts and appropriate supporting documentation.
Dispute or Claim. Any action, claim or dispute which any Party may have against another Party or Parties arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereunder, or the breach, termination or validity thereof (“Dispute”) shall be submitted in writing to the other

Related to Dispute or Claim

  • Payment Disputes We will not exercise Our rights under Section 6.3 (Overdue Charges) or 6.4 (Suspension of Service and Acceleration) above if You are disputing the applicable charges reasonably and in good faith and are cooperating diligently to resolve the dispute.

  • Dispute In the event of any disagreement between the undersigned or the person or persons named in the instructions contained in this Agreement, or any other person, resulting in adverse claims and demands being made in connection with or for any papers, money or property involved herein, or affected hereby, the Escrow Agent shall be entitled to refuse to comply with any demand or claim, as long as such disagreement shall continue, and in so refusing to make any delivery or other disposition of any money, papers or property involved or affected hereby, the Escrow Agent shall not be or become liable to the undersigned or to any person named in such instructions for its refusal to comply with such conflicting or adverse demands, and the Escrow Agent shall be entitled to refuse and refrain to act until: (a) the rights of the adverse claimants shall have been fully and finally adjudicated in a Court assuming and having jurisdiction of the parties and money, papers and property involved herein or affected hereby, or (b) all differences shall have been adjusted by agreement and the Escrow Agent shall have been notified thereof in writing, signed by all the interested parties.

  • Earnest Money Dispute Notwithstanding any termination of this Agreement, the Parties agree that in the event of any controversy regarding the release of the Earnest Money that the matter shall be submitted to mediation as provided in Section XXIII.

  • Dispute Concerning Termination If within fifteen (15) days after any Notice of Termination is given, or, if later, prior to the Date of Termination (as determined without regard to this Section 7.3), the party receiving such Notice of Termination notifies the other party that a dispute exists concerning the termination, the Date of Termination shall be extended until the earlier of (i) the date on which the Term ends or (ii) the date on which the dispute is finally resolved, either by mutual written agreement of the parties or by a final judgment, order or decree of an arbitrator or a court of competent jurisdiction (which is not appealable or with respect to which the time for appeal therefrom has expired and no appeal has been perfected); provided, however, that the Date of Termination shall be extended by a notice of dispute given by the Executive only if such notice is given in good faith and the Executive pursues the resolution of such dispute with reasonable diligence.

  • Third Party Claim A Claim where there is (a) a claim, demand, suit or action by a person who is not a Party, (b) a settlement with, judgment by, or liability to, a person who is not a Party, or (c) a fine or penalty imposed by a person who is not a Party.

  • Litigation; Disputes (a) Except as disclosed in Section 3.11(a) of the Company Disclosure Schedule, there are no actions, suits, claims, arbitrations, proceedings or investigations pending or, to the knowledge of the Company or any Subsidiary, threatened against, affecting or involving the Company or any Subsidiary or their respective businesses or Assets, or the transactions contemplated by this Merger Agreement, at law or in equity, or before or by any court, arbitrator or Governmental Entity, domestic or foreign. Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary is (i) operating under or subject to any order (except for orders that Persons similarly situated, engaged in similar businesses and owning similar Assets are operating under or subject to), award, writ, injunction, decree or judgment of any court, arbitrator or Governmental Entity, or (ii) in default with respect to any order, award, writ, injunction, decree or judgment of any court, arbitrator or Governmental Entity.

  • Claim Notice A Party that seeks indemnity under this Article X (an “Indemnified Party”) will give written notice (a “Claim Notice”) to the Party from whom indemnification is sought (an “Indemnifying Party”), whether the Damages sought arise from matters solely between the Parties or from Third Party Claims. The Claim Notice must contain (i) a description and, if known, estimated amount (the “Claimed Amount”) of any Damages incurred or reasonably expected to be incurred by the Indemnified Party, (ii) a reasonable explanation of the basis for the Claim Notice to the extent of facts then known by the Indemnified Party, and (iii) a demand for payment of those Damages. No delay or deficiency on the part of the Indemnified Party in so notifying the Indemnifying Party will relieve the Indemnifying Party of any liability for Damages or obligation hereunder except to the extent of any Damages caused by or arising out of such failure.

  • Resolving Disputes The Company and the customer will use all reasonable endeavours to resolve any dispute between them. If they cannot resolve their dispute between them, they will:-

  • Claimed Infringement In the event that a third party at any time provides written notice of a claim to, or brings an action, suit or proceeding against, either Party or any of their respective Affiliates or sublicensees, claiming infringement of its patent rights or unauthorized use or misappropriation of its know-how, based upon an assertion or claim arising out of the manufacture, use or sale of Licensed Products, such Party shall promptly notify the other Party of the claim or the commencement of such action, suit or proceeding, enclosing a copy of the claim and all papers served. Each Party agrees to make available to the other Party its advice and counsel regarding the technical merits of any such claim.

  • Audit Dispute In the event of a dispute with respect to any audit under Section 5.13.1, Lightlake and Adapt shall work in good faith to resolve the disagreement. If the Parties are unable to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of any such dispute within thirty (30) days, the dispute shall be submitted for resolution to a certified public accounting firm jointly selected by each Party’s certified public accountants or to such other Person as the Parties shall mutually agree (the “Audit Arbitrator”). The decision of the Audit Arbitrator shall be final and the costs of such arbitration as well as the initial audit shall be borne between the Parties in inverse proportion to Party’s positions with respect to such dispute, as determined by the Audit Arbitrator. Not later than ten (10) days after such decision and in accordance with such decision, the audited Party shall pay the additional amounts, with interest from the date originally due as provided in Section 5.9, or the auditing Party shall reimburse the excess payments, as applicable.