Dispose of any Sample Clauses

Related to Dispose of any

  • Sale of Another Property Buyer’s performance under this Agreement: (check one) ☐ - Shall not be contingent upon selling another property. ☐ - Shall be contingent upon selling another property with a mailing address of , City of , State of within days from the Effective Date.

  • Disposition of Assets The Company shall not, and shall not suffer or permit any Subsidiary to, directly or indirectly, sell, assign, lease, convey, transfer or otherwise dispose of (whether in one or a series of transactions) any property (including accounts and notes receivable, with or without recourse) or enter into any agreement to do any of the foregoing, except:

  • Marshalling of Assets Borrower hereby waives, to the extent permitted by law, the benefit of all appraisal, valuation, stay, extension, reinstatement and redemption laws now in force and those hereafter in force and all rights of marshalling in the event of any sale hereunder of the Collateral or any part or any interest therein.

  • Transfer of Assets Sell, transfer, lease, or otherwise dispose of any of its assets, except in the ordinary course of business.


  • Purchases of Assets Fund will, on each business day on which a purchase of Assets shall be made by it, deliver to Custodian Instructions which shall specify with respect to each such purchase:

  • PLEDGE OF ASSETS Mortgage, pledge, grant or permit to exist a security interest in, or lien upon, all or any portion of Borrower's assets now owned or hereafter acquired, except any of the foregoing in favor of Bank or which is existing as of, and disclosed to Bank in writing prior to, the date hereof.

  • Dispositions of Assets Until the first day after the Restriction Period, none of SpinCo or any member of the SpinCo Group shall sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of or agree to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of assets (including, for such purpose, any shares of capital stock of a Subsidiary and any transaction treated for tax purposes as a sale, transfer or disposition) that, in the aggregate, constitute more than 30% of the consolidated gross assets of SpinCo or the SpinCo Group. The foregoing sentence shall not apply to (A) sales, transfers, or dispositions of assets in the ordinary course of business, (B) any cash paid to acquire assets from an unrelated Person in an arm’s-length transaction, (C) any assets transferred to a Person that is disregarded as an entity separate from the transferor for U.S. federal Income Tax purposes or (D) any mandatory or optional repayment (or pre-payment) of any indebtedness of SpinCo or any member of the SpinCo Group. The percentages of gross assets or consolidated gross assets of SpinCo or the SpinCo Group, as the case may be, sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, shall be based on the fair market value of the gross assets of SpinCo and the members of the SpinCo Group as of the Distribution Date. For purposes of this Section 4(b)(v), a merger of SpinCo or one of its Subsidiaries with and into any Person shall constitute a disposition of all of the assets of SpinCo or such Subsidiary.

  • Sale of Assets The Company or the Bank sells to a third party all or substantially all of its assets.

  • Custody of Assets Sub-Adviser shall at no time have the right to physically possess the assets of the Funds or have the assets registered in its own name or the name of its nominee, nor shall Sub-Adviser in any manner acquire or become possessed of any income, whether in kind or cash, or proceeds, whether in kind or cash, distributable by reason of selling, holding or controlling such assets of the Funds. In accordance with the preceding sentence, Sub-Adviser shall have no responsibility with respect to the collection of income, physical acquisition or the safekeeping of the assets of the Funds. All such duties of collection, physical acquisition and safekeeping shall be the sole obligation of the custodian.