Discretionary Days Sample Clauses

Discretionary Days. The Employer recognizes the need for employees to balance obligation inside and outside the workplace. The use of Discretionary Days is designed to promote a healthy workforce by helping employees manage family, community, religious and social commitments outside the workplace.
Discretionary Days. Up to six (6) discretionary days at the PK-8 level, and up to seven (7) discretional days at the 9-12/Adult level. These discretionary days are to be used at District discretion (e.g., additional student, parent-teacher conference and/or in-service days; and/or other school purposes). These days may be scheduled as full days, or as partial days scheduled in blocks of time equating to a teacher standard workday as defined in Article 8.
Discretionary Days. Up to ten (10) days of accumulated sick leave in each year may be used by the employee as discretionary days. The immediate supervisor or designee shall approve any request for discretionary leave unless the purpose of the leave is for a work action against the District, any other employer, or for course units toward salary placement credit.
Discretionary Days. 25 The Member will be allowed to utilize up to four (4) days in a two year period of 26 Personal Necessity Leave days at his/her own discretion upon the following
Discretionary Days. Effective January 1, 2017, each non-probationary employee who is active prior to July 1 of that year, will be allocated two (2) Discretionary days (which are unpaid) per calendar year. Discretionary days may be used on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Discretionary days will be automatically designated unless an Excused Absence as defined in Section 2 is used. Employees will receive payment for each unused Discretionary day at eight (8) hours times the employee’s regular straight time rate in January of the following year.
Discretionary Days. 1. Each teacher will be entitled to a total of thirteen (13) discretionary days.
Discretionary Days. Full-time employees shall be eligible to receive four (4) discretionary personal days thirty-two (32 hours) each calendar year. Casual employees shall be eligible to receive two (2) discretionary personal days (4 hours per day) each calendar year. These days may be used in scheduling time off for any purpose, including illness, appointments, care of family members, observance of religious holidays, etc. This time shall be taken as a whole day (eight (8) hours Full-time, four
Discretionary Days. A. Employees shall be entitled to use two (2) days of personal necessity leave annually during which he/she may be absent from his/her regular assigned duties for discretionary "no-tell" reasons. The member/employee need not disclose the reason, but simply xxxx Discretionary Leave.
Discretionary Days. Employees may receive up to two discretionary leave days per year based on the following conditions: