Discount Cards Sample Clauses

Discount Cards. Until Xxxxxx’x death, Ferber and all members of his Immediate Family shall be entitled to Ross discount cards.
Discount Cards. ProCare shall charge an Administrative Fee (“Admin Fee”) per Claim for approved cash discount Claim, except those Claims priced at U&C where an Admin Fee shall not apply. The Admin Fee to be charged by ProCare shall be the difference between the amount a Covered Person pays for a prescription and the amount to be reimbursed to the Pharmacy for dispensing the prescription. The Admin Fee is included in the total prescription price paid by the Covered Person. In the event the Claim is reversed and resubmitted for edits, ProCare shall only collect one Admin Fee per approved prescription.

Related to Discount Cards

  • Discount No qualifying letter or statements in or attached to the proposal, or separate discounts will be considered in determining the low bid except as may be otherwise herein noted. Cash or separate discounts should be computed and incorporated into unit bid price(s).

  • Discounts, etc The Borrower will not, after notice from the Lender, grant any discount, credit or allowance to any customer of the Borrower or accept any return of goods sold, or at any time (whether before or after notice from the Lender) modify, amend, subordinate, cancel or terminate the obligation of any account debtor or other obligor of the Borrower.

  • Discount Rates The discount rates applied to <<customer_name>> purchases of BellSouth Telecommunications Services for the purpose of resale shall be as set forth in Exhibit A. Such discounts have been determined by the applicable Commission to reflect the costs avoided by BellSouth when selling a service for wholesale purposes.

  • Volume Discounts The Company will pay to the Dealer Manager reduced selling commissions for purchases of more than $500,000 of Primary Shares by a single purchaser through the same participating broker-dealer as follows:

  • Discounts, Rebates and Refunds Section 8.4.1 Cash discounts obtained on payments made by the Design-Builder shall accrue to the Department if (i) before making the payment, the Design-Builder included them in an Application for Payment and received payment therefor from the Department, or (ii) the Department has deposited funds with the Design-Builder with which to make payments; other cash discounts shall accrue to the Design-Builder. Trade discounts, rebates, refunds and amounts received from sales of surplus materials and equipment shall accrue to the Department, and the Design-Builder shall make provisions so that they can be secured.

  • Discount Notes If this Note is specified on the face hereof as a “Discount Note”:

  • Original Issue Discount, Foreign-Currency Denominated and Treasury Securities In determining whether the Holders of the required principal amount of Securities have concurred in any direction, amendment, supplement, waiver or consent, (a) the principal amount of an Original Issue Discount Security shall be the principal amount thereof that would be due and payable as of the date of such determination upon acceleration of the Maturity thereof pursuant to Section 6.02, (b) the principal amount of a Security denominated in a foreign currency shall be the Dollar equivalent, as determined by the Company by reference to the noon buying rate in The City of New York for cable transfers for such currency, as such rate is certified for customs purposes by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the “Exchange Rate”) on the date of original issuance of such Security, of the principal amount (or, in the case of an Original Issue Discount Security, the Dollar equivalent, as determined by the Company by reference to the Exchange Rate on the date of original issuance of such Security, of the amount determined as provided in (a) above), of such Security and (c) Securities owned by the Company or any other obligor upon the Securities or any Affiliate of the Company or of such other obligor shall be disregarded, except that, for the purpose of determining whether the Trustee shall be protected in relying upon any such direction, amendment, supplement, waiver or consent, only Securities that a Responsible Officer of the Trustee actually knows are so owned shall be so disregarded.

  • PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS If a Contractor offers a discount for prompt payment, the Contractor shall include the terms of the discount on all invoices, the amounts which are due if the Authorized User meets the terms, and the number of days for which the prompt payment discount offer applies.

  • Sale or Discount of Receivables Except for receivables obtained by the Borrower or any Subsidiary out of the ordinary course of business or the settlement of joint interest billing accounts in the ordinary course of business or discounts granted to settle collection of accounts receivable or the sale of defaulted accounts arising in the ordinary course of business in connection with the compromise or collection thereof and not in connection with any financing transaction, the Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, discount or sell (with or without recourse) any of its notes receivable or accounts receivable.

  • Additional Discounts? Do you offer additional discounts to TIPS members for large order quantities or large scope of work? Yes Years in Business as Proposing Company Years in business as proposing company? Resellers: Does the vendor have resellers that it will name under this contract? Resellers are defined as other companies that sell your products under an agreement with you, the awarded vendor of TIPS. EXAMPLE: BIGmart is a reseller of ACME brand televisions. If ACME were a TIPS awarded vendor, then ACME would list BIGmart as a reseller. (If applicable, Vendor should add all Authorized Resellers within the TIPS Vendor Portal upon award). No