Disclosure Obligations Sample Clauses

Disclosure Obligations. Investor shall discharge any reporting obligations laid down in Articles 69 and 69a of the Polish Act of 29 July 2005 on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and Public Companies (the “Polish Public Offering Act”) by sending a notification to the Company and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in connection with the fact that Stockholder and Investor together with certain other entities are found to be concert parties in the meaning of Article 87.1.5 and/or 87.1.6 of the Polish Public Offering Act. Any such notification shall be submitted by Investor within the deadline mentioned in Article 69.1 of the Polish Public Offering Act and shall contain all information required under Article 69.4-5 and/or 69a.2, as applicable, of the Polish Public Offering Act. For the avoidance of doubt, the obligations to be assumed by Investor under this Section 1.3 shall be treated as an indication as referred to in Article 87.3 of the Public Offering Act. Stockholder (i) acknowledges that Investor will rely on information provided by Stockholder in this Agreement, and that may otherwise be provided by Stockholder to Investor with the explicit purpose of being included in notifications delivered by Investor under the Polish Public Offering Act, in making notifications provided under the Polish Public Offering Act, (ii) represents and warrants to Investor that the information referred to in clause (i) above is and will be accurate and (iii) agrees that Investor shall have no liability for the inaccuracy of the information referred to in clause (i) above.
Disclosure Obligations. LAUSD expects Contractors and their Representatives to satisfy the following public disclosure obligations:
Disclosure Obligations. During the Term, Executive agrees to make prompt and full disclosure to the Company of any change of facts or circumstances that may affect Executive’s obligations undertaken and acknowledged herein, and Executive agrees that the Company has the right to notify any third party of the existence and content of Executive’s obligations hereunder
Disclosure Obligations. Optionee and Optionor must take all steps reasonably required to assure that the shareholders of the Optionor, the public and the financial community is informed with regard to the existence of the Option and the relevant terms hereof.
Disclosure Obligations. Will not, except as expressly set forth herein and in the other Loan Documents, have any duty to disclose, and will not be liable for the failure to disclose, any information relating to any Borrower or any of its Affiliates that is communicated to or obtained by the Person serving as Administrative Agent or any of its Affiliates in any capacity; and
Disclosure Obligations. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent the Company or the Company Board from (i) issuing a “stop, look and listencommunication pursuant to Rule 14d-9(f) under the Exchange Act or making a statement contemplated by Item 1012(a) of Regulation M-A or complying with Rule 14d-9 and Rule 14e-2 under the Exchange Act with respect to a Company Acquisition Proposal or (ii) making any disclosure to their stockholders if the Company Board determines in good faith, after consultation with the Company’s outside counsel, that the failure to make such disclosure would be inconsistent with its fiduciary duties under applicable Law; provided that any Company Adverse Recommendation Change may only be made in accordance with Section 5.02(d). For the avoidance of doubt, any “stop, look and listen” disclosure in and of itself shall not be deemed a Company Adverse Recommendation Change.
Disclosure Obligations. Without limiting the generality or effect of any other provision hereof, nothing contained in this Agreement shall prohibit the Company or the Board of Directors of the Company (or any committee thereof) from (i) taking such action as the Company determines in good faith after consultation with outside legal counsel is required by its disclosure obligations under U.S. federal or state Law with regard to an Acquisition Proposal or any other matter, including taking and disclosing to its shareholders a position contemplated by Rule 14d-9 and Rule 14e-2(a) promulgated under the Exchange Act (or any similar communication to shareholders) or (ii) making any “stop-look-and-listen” communication to the shareholders of the Company pursuant to Rule 14d-9(f) promulgated under the Exchange Act (or any similar communications to the shareholders of the Company); provided, however, that, in either case, neither the Company nor the Board of Directors of the Company shall effect, or disclose pursuant to such rules or otherwise, a position which constitutes a Company Adverse Recommendation Change unless permitted by this Section 7.02 (other than this Section 7.02(g)).
Disclosure Obligations. The Partnership hereby covenants and agrees for the benefit of Cogentrix GP and VF Delaware that it shall (a) notify Cogentrix GP and VF Delaware of any material fact necessary in order to make any of the representations, warranties or other statements made by it in the Project Documents, or any other written statement provided to Cogentrix GP or VF Delaware not misleading and (b) disclose in writing to Cogentrix GP and VF Delaware any fact which materially adversely affects, or which could reasonably be expected in the future to materially adversely affect Cogentrix GP, VF Delaware or the Project, in each case under clause (a) or (b) above promptly upon receiving knowledge of any such fact.
Disclosure Obligations. First Star and NSB shall each promptly advise the other party of any change or event having a Material Adverse Effect on it or which it believes would or would be reasonably likely to cause or constitute a material breach of any of its representations, warranties or covenants contained herein. First Star and NSB shall each update any schedule provided pursuant to this Agreement as promptly as practicable after the occurrence of an event or fact which, if such event or fact had occurred prior to the date of this Agreement, would have been disclosed on such schedule. The delivery of such additional schedules by a party shall not relieve such party from any breach or violation of this Agreement and shall not have any effect for the purposes of determining the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Sections 6.01 and 6.02 hereof, as the case may be.
Disclosure Obligations. The Corporation is in compliance in all material respects with its continuous and timely disclosure obligations under Canadian Securities Laws and U.S. Securities Laws and has filed all documents required to be filed by it with the Canadian Qualifying Authorities and the SEC under applicable Canadian Securities Laws and U.S. Securities Laws, and no document has been filed on a confidential basis with the Canadian Authorities that remains confidential at the date hereof. None of the documents filed in accordance with applicable Canadian Securities Laws and U.S. Securities Law contained, as at the date of filing thereof, a misrepresentation (as such term is defined under applicable Canadian Securities Laws and U.S. Securities Law, as applicable).