Development Program and Development Plan Sample Clauses

Development Program and Development Plan. Within [***] days after the Effective Date (or such alternative date as mutually agreed), the Parties shall draft and agree upon a Development plan directed to the Development of both Shared Antigen TCR Products and Private Antigen TCR Products, including manufacturing thereof in connection with such Development (“Development Plan”). The JDC may subsequently draft and agree upon additional development plans with respect to an individual Licensed Product or related Licensed Products. The JDC may amend in writing any Development Plans from time to time; provided that if the Parties are unable to agree upon any such amendment, the decision-making rules set forth in Sections 2.9 through 2.11 shall apply. During the period of any dispute regarding an amendment to the Development Plan, the Parties shall continue to perform activities in accordance with the most current mutually agreed version of the Development Plan. The Development Plan shall include: (a) activities directed to the Development of Shared Antigen TCR Products following the identification of Certain information, as identified by [***], has been excluded from this agreement because it (i) is not material and (ii) would be competitively harmful if publicly disclosed. CONFIDENTIAL Prioritized TCRs in accordance with Section 3.3; (b) activities directed to the Development of the Private Antigen TCR Product; (c) certain baseline immune monitoring work provided by Adaptive [***], as well as any additional immune monitoring work reasonably requested by GNE and agreed by Adaptive, [***], and shall be based upon the “Development Plan Overview” set forth on the attached Exhibit 4.2. GNE shall be responsible under the Development Program for selecting which Shared Antigen TCR Products and Private Antigen TCR Products shall enter into Clinical Trials.