Detention Basin Sample Clauses

Detention Basin. Lessees agree at their sole expense to create a detention basin on the Property in accordance with and pursuant to County ordinances and regulations.
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Detention Basin. Tenant shall pay Tenant's Share (which shall be 56.40%) of the costs of maintaining the detention basin which services both the Property and 200 Liberty Way, and the landscaping associated with the basin. In no event shall Tenant be responsible for repair costs or any capital expenses relating to the detention basin.
Detention Basin the City will pay its pro rata share (54.5%) of the cost for the construction of the Detention Basin and also the costs of the flood control device or pipeline from 400 East Street to the Detention Basin. This allocation is based upon current estimates, but the Parties agree that each party will pay its pro rata share of costs for construction of the Detention Basin. RVU shall provide the layout and design of the Detention Basin as well as granting an easement to the City for such basin. In exchange, and the City will maintain the Detention Basin until such point that RVU is ready to incorporate the Detention Basin into an open space feature of the on the Property.