Destination Signs Sample Clauses

Destination Signs. The bus destination boards are to be erected as directed by Movia Marketing & Traffic Information and are to be written with the Movia Display font (see the example below) which has been developed specially for the LED signs. Contact Movia Marketing for further guidelines on how to use the Movia Display font.Data for destinations and route designations must be obtained from Movia’s web services, see section6.3.7. The destination designations on the signs are to be changed dynamically.At the commencement of the contract and in case of changes to the contract term, the operator will pay any costs associated with changes to sign texts, fonts and route numbers. Special sign textsThe destination boards must be able to show the following special sign texts: • Not in service• Special service• Extra The 'Special Services' board may only be used when the tenderer carries out special services for Movia. Trafikselskabet Movia MayFebruary 2018 The 'Special Services' board may only be used if the buses perform other transport than bus services for Movia, the Movia and DOT logos must be covered.When the bus displays the special messages "Not in service" or "Special services", the bus may not show the route number.
Destination Signs. Fixed route vehicles are to display appropriate destination headings one hundred percent (100%) of the time while the buses are in operation.
Destination Signs. The sign system shall display and provide optimum visibility of the message display units for passengers and shall meet or exceed applicable ADA requirements defined in 49 CFR, Part
Destination Signs. A TwinVision Mobilite or equivalent digital LED sign shall be mounted on the front of the vehicles, near the top edge of the body, and in an enclosed but accessible weather-proof compartment provided by the vehicle manufacturer. A digital LED Sign shall be located on the right side of the vehicles near the front door either mounted near the top of the existing window or in a separate enclosed but accessible weather-proof compartment provided by the vehicle manufacturer.The entire display area of all signs shall be readable in direct sunlight, at night, and in all lighting conditions between those two lighting extremes, with evenly distributed illumination appearance to the un-aided eye.The program for signage shall have the ability to utilize a flash drive device to transfer destination data to the signs.The character formed by the System shall meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 reference 49 CFR Section 38.39.The successful low bidder shall submit details of the signs proposed for the County’s review and approval at time of order.

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  • Shipment Seller shall attempt to comply with, but will not guarantee, shipping date and loading and routing instructions. Seller reserves the right to allow or prorate shipments against all orders whenever, in its judgment, an oversold condition exists as to any particular product manufactured or sold by it. In the event of a default by Buyer, Seller may decline to make further shipments without waiving any of its rights under such order. If, despite such default, Seller elects to continue to make shipment, its action shall not constitute a waiver regarding, or otherwise diminish, Seller’s legal remedies with respect to such default or any future default. Any claims of Buyer for compensation due to the inability to deliver goods, or due to delays in delivery, shall be limited as set forth in Section 15 of these terms and conditions.

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  • First Aid Kits The Employer shall provide an area, equipped with a first-aid kit, for the use of employees taken ill during working hours.

  • Packing 9.1 The supplier shall provide such packing of the goods as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to their final destination, as indicated in the contract. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand, without limitation, rough handling during transit and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transit, and open storage. Packing, case size and weights shall take into consideration, where appropriate, the remoteness of the goods’ final destination and the absence of heavy handling facilities at all points in transit.