DESPATCH OF THE SCHEME DOCUMENT. Subject to and after satisfaction of the Pre-Condition, a Scheme Document including, among other things:


  • Amendment Documents This Amendment and any other instrument, document or certificate required by the Administrative Agent to be executed or delivered by the Borrower or any other Person in connection with this Amendment, duly executed by such Persons (the “Amendment Documents”);

  • Amendment of Material Documents No Loan Party will, nor will it permit any Subsidiary to, amend, modify or waive any of its rights under (a) any agreement relating to any Subordinated Indebtedness, or (b) its charter, articles or certificate of organization or incorporation and bylaws or operating, management or partnership agreement, or other organizational or governing documents, to the extent any such amendment, modification or waiver would be adverse to the Lenders.

  • Facility Documents The Purchase Agreement is the only agreement pursuant to which the Borrower directly or indirectly purchases and receives capital contributions of Contracts from the Originator and the Facility Documents delivered to the Program Agent represent all agreements between the Originator and the Borrower relating to the transfer of the Contracts, except for other agreements related to the transactions that are permitted by Section 5.03(k).

  • Loan Documents, etc Each of the Loan Documents shall have been duly executed and delivered by the respective parties thereto, shall be in full force and effect and shall be in form and substance satisfactory to each of the Lenders. Each Lender shall have received a fully executed copy of each such document.

  • Corporate Documents; Proceedings; etc On the Initial Borrowing Date, the Facility Agent shall have received a certificate, dated the Initial Borrowing Date, signed by the secretary or any assistant secretary of each Credit Party (or, to the extent such Credit Party does not have a secretary or assistant secretary, the analogous Person within such Credit Party), and attested to by an authorized officer, member or general partner of such Credit Party, as the case may be, in substantially the form of Exhibit D, with appropriate insertions, together with copies of the certificate of incorporation and by-laws (or equivalent organizational documents) of such Credit Party and the resolutions of such Credit Party referred to in such certificate.

  • Existing Documents The Contractor has reviewed and taken into consideration the Bidding Documents in preparing his bid.

  • Description of the Transaction Documents The Transaction Documents will conform in all material respects to the respective statements relating thereto contained in the Offering Memorandum.

  • Furnishing Documents The Indenture Trustee shall furnish to Noteholders, promptly upon receipt of a written request therefor, copies of the Pooling Agreement, the Trust Sale Agreement, the Administration Agreement, the Custodian Agreement, the Trust Agreement, the Indenture and this Agreement.

  • Supporting Documents The Company shall have received the following:

  • Amendment to Material Documents The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, amend, modify or waive any of its rights in a manner materially adverse to the Lenders under its certificate of incorporation, bylaws or other organizational documents.