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Desmond Tutu. The tour continues with a visit to Regina Mundi, the largest Catholic Church in Soweto and a landmark in the local resistance movement during the Apartheid era. The visit to Soweto will bring participants in contact with and have a chance to talk to local people who have lived through the struggle for freedom. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant made famous by the many world figures that have come to visit Soweto. • Tapologo Hospice: Bishop Kevin Dowling of the Catholic Diocese of Rustenburg who has been involved in various community activities in the greater Rustenburg area of the North West Province for almost 30 years. He realized that the HIV infection rate and the number of people with AIDS was reaching pandemic proportions in the region and that resources available to deal with the effects of the disease were limited if not non-existent. Out of this realization was born the Tapologo Trust, a faith-based community-centered HIV/Aids program. This visit will include an informative and hope-filled presentation on HIV/AIDS given by Bishop Dowling as well as a tour of the hospice and mobile treatment facility. • Botshabelo Trust: Featured on the 2007 critically acclaimed documentary, “Angels in the Dust” The Botshabelo Community Trust is the brainchild of Marion Cloete, a university-trained therapist whose self-sacrificial courage has motivated change and hope. Founded in December 1990, the Trust, is a rural community made up of a school, medical clinic, and village that cares for children abandoned or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Some of the children are living with HIV as well, an unforgettable visit with a truly dedicated group of individuals. Participants will visit with the staff and children for the day and be take part in a project together with staff and students the following day. • Market Analysis (Durban): This is a guided socio-economic tour of a typical open-air market in Durban. Participants will be guided through a “market basket” analysis to understand the real cost of food in South Africa. This activity helps dispel the myth that “everything here is so cheap in South Africa” and help address questions about poverty. Participants will be accompanied by their chaperones and a local guide who will assist them in purchasing items from local vendors which will be used in preparing lunch that day. • Cultural Exchange Activity: Participants will be responsible for planning and executing cultural exchange activities to be presented at the St. Antho...

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