Design and Certification Procedure Sample Clauses

Design and Certification Procedure. 11.2.1 The Concessionaire will ensure that:
Design and Certification Procedure. 11.2.1 Within 30 days following the Commencement Date the Concessionaire will submit, for review by the Province's Representative in accordance with the Review Procedure, a proposed Design Management Plan which includes the components and information (including with respect to submissions of drawings and other Design Data and design reviews, meetings, audits and progress reports) required by, and otherwise complies with the requirements for such plan set forth in, the Construction Output Specifications. The Concessionaire will implement and comply with the Design Management Plan to which there is no objection by the Province’s Representative in accordance with the Review Procedure in connection with all Design Data prepared or adopted in connection with the Works and any other works carried out as part of the Operations.

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  • COMPLIANCE AND CERTIFICATION 25.1 Each Party shall comply at its own expense with all Applicable Laws that relate to that Party’s obligations to the other Party under this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as requiring or permitting either Party to contravene any mandatory requirement of Applicable Law.

  • Notification Procedure (i) Each such notice shall be deemed to have been delivered:

  • Implementation Report Within 150 days after the Effective Date, CHSI shall submit a written report to OIG summarizing the status of its implementation of the requirements of this CIA (Implementation Report). The Implementation Report shall, at a minimum, include:

  • Notification Procedures The Auction Manager will calculate the Applicable Discounted Price and will cause the Administrative Agent to post the Applicable Discounted Price and proration factor onto an internet or intranet site (including an IntraLinks, SyndTrak or other electronic workspace) in accordance with the Auction Manager’s standard dissemination practices by 4:00 p.m., New York City time, on the Business Day during which the Expiration Time occurs. The Auction Manager will insert the principal amount of Term Loans of the applicable Class(es) to be assigned and the applicable settlement date into each applicable Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Qualifying Bid. Upon the request of the submitting Lender, the Auction Manager will promptly return any Affiliated Assignment and Assumption received in connection with a Return Bid that is not a Qualifying Bid.

  • SUPERVISION AND CONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES 4.3.1 The Contractor shall supervise and direct the Work, using his / her best skill and attention. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for all construction means, methods, techniques, sequences and procedures and for coordinating all portions of the Work under the Contract. All aspects of the Project shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the State. Contractor guarantees to repair, replace, re-execute or otherwise correct any defect in workmanship, materials, or the like that fails to conform to the requirements of this Contract or that appears during the progress of the Work or within one year of final acceptance by the State.

  • Verification Procedure (1) The signature file of each processed file is validated.

  • Transition Procedures Upon the expiration or termination of the Term of this Lease, for whatever reason (other than a purchase of the Leased Property by Lessee), Lessor and Lessee shall do the following (and the provisions of this Section 2.3 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Lease until they have been fully performed) and, in general, shall cooperate in good faith to effect an orderly transition of the management and/or lease of the Hotel:

  • Application Procedure 7.4.1. Application Priority........................................ 7.4.2. [Reserved].................................................. 7.4.3. Advance Payments............................................

  • Review and Construction of Documents Each Party herein expressly represents and warrants to all other Parties hereto that (a) before executing this Agreement, said Party has fully informed itself of the terms, contents, conditions and effects of this Agreement; (b) said Party has relied solely and completely upon its own judgment in executing this Agreement; (c) said Party has had the opportunity to seek and has obtained the advice of its own legal, tax and business advisors before executing this Agreement; (d) said Party has acted voluntarily and of its own free will in executing this Agreement; and (e) this Agreement is the result of arm’s length negotiations conducted by and among the Parties and their respective counsel.

  • Drug-Free Workplace Certification As required by Executive Order No. 90-5 dated April 12, 1990, issued by the Governor of Indiana, the Contractor hereby covenants and agrees to make a good faith effort to provide and maintain a drug-free workplace. The Contractor will give written notice to the State within ten (10) days after receiving actual notice that the Contractor, or an employee of the Contractor in the State of Indiana, has been convicted of a criminal drug violation occurring in the workplace. False certification or violation of this certification may result in sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension of contract payments, termination of this Contract and/or debarment of contracting opportunities with the State for up to three (3) years. In addition to the provisions of the above paragraph, if the total amount set forth in this Contract is in excess of $25,000.00, the Contractor certifies and agrees that it will provide a drug-free workplace by: