Depositor Obligations to Purchaser Sample Clauses

Depositor Obligations to Purchaser. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, the Depositor shall furnish to (a) the Purchaser, (b) any Owner of the Preferred Securities reasonably identified to the Depositor or the Trust (which identification may be made either by such Owner or by the Placement Agent or Purchaser) and (c) any designee of (a) or (b) above, copies of all correspondence, notices, forms, filings, reports and other documents required to be provided by the Depositor, whether acting through an Administrative Trustee or otherwise, to the Property Trustee or Delaware Trustee under this Trust Agreement.

Related to Depositor Obligations to Purchaser

  • Security Interest for “Obligations The term “Obligations” as used in this Annex includes the following additional obligations: With respect to Party A: not applicable. With respect to Party B: not applicable.

  • Secured Party Performance of Debtor Obligations Without having any obligation to do so, the Administrative Agent may perform or pay any obligation which any Grantor has agreed to perform or pay in this Security Agreement and the Grantors shall reimburse the Administrative Agent for any amounts paid by the Administrative Agent pursuant to this Section 8.4. The Grantors’ obligation to reimburse the Administrative Agent pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be a Secured Obligation payable on demand.

  • Depositor Payment Obligation The Depositor shall be responsible for payment of the Administrator’s compensation under the Administration Agreement and shall reimburse the Administrator for all expenses and liabilities of the Administrator incurred under the Administration Agreement.

  • Seller Obligations [Reserved].

  • Purchaser Obligations The Purchaser will (a) provide, upon request, prompt written notice to the Company, and in any event within 30 days of such request, of any change in the Purchaser’s U.S. tax or withholding status, and (b) execute properly and provide to the Company, within 30 days of written request by the Company (or any other Sponsoring Party), any other tax documentation or information that may be reasonably required by the Company (or another Sponsoring Party) in connection with the operation of the Company or Platform to comply with applicable laws and regulations (including, but not limited to, the name, address and taxpayer identification number of any “substantial U.S. owner” (as defined in the Code) of the Purchaser or any other document or information requested by the Company (or another Sponsoring Party) in connection with the Company complying with FATCA and/or any IGA or as required to reduce or eliminate any withholding tax directly or indirectly imposed on or collected by or with respect to the Company), and (c) execute and properly provide to the Company, within 30 days of written request by the Company (or another Sponsoring Party), any tax documentation or information that may be requested by the Company (or any Sponsoring Party).

  • Holder Obligations No holder of Registrable Securities may participate in any underwritten offering pursuant to this Section 3 unless such holder (i) agrees to sell only such holder’s Registrable Securities on the basis reasonably provided in any underwriting agreement, and (ii) completes, executes and delivers any and all questionnaires, powers of attorney, custody agreements, indemnities, underwriting agreements and other documents reasonably required by or under the terms of any underwriting agreement or as reasonably requested by the Company.

  • Contractor Obligations The Contractor is responsible for fully meeting all Contract obligations set forth in the OGS Centralized Contract and for providing services in accordance with the Contract and any Authorized User Agreement, Statement of Work or Purchase Order.

  • Buyer Obligations During the Delivery Term, Buyer shall arrange and be responsible for transmission service, including risk of transmission outage or curtailment, from the Delivery Point and bear all risks and costs associated with such transmission service, including, but not limited to, any transmission outages or curtailment. During the Delivery Term, Buyer shall Schedule or arrange for Scheduling Coordinator services with its Transmission Providers to receive the Product at the Delivery Point. During the Delivery Term, Buyer shall be responsible for all CAISO costs and charges, electric transmission losses and congestion from the Delivery Point.

  • Issuer Obligation No recourse may be taken, directly or indirectly, with respect to the obligations of the Issuer, the Owner Trustee or the Indenture Trustee on the Notes or under this Indenture or any certificate or other writing delivered in connection herewith or therewith, against (i) the Indenture Trustee or the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity, (ii) any owner of a beneficial interest in the Issuer or (iii) any partner, owner, beneficiary, agent, officer, director, employee or agent of the Indenture Trustee or the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity, any holder of a beneficial interest in the Issuer, the Owner Trustee or the Indenture Trustee or of any successor or assign of the Indenture Trustee or the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity, except as any such Person may have expressly agreed (it being understood that the Indenture Trustee and the Owner Trustee have no such obligations in their individual capacity) and except that any such partner, owner or beneficiary shall be fully liable, to the extent provided by applicable law, for any unpaid consideration for stock, unpaid capital contribution or failure to pay any installment or call owing to such entity. For all purposes of this Indenture, in the performance of any duties or obligations of the Issuer hereunder, the Owner Trustee shall be subject to, and entitled to the benefits of, the terms and provisions of Article VI, VII and VIII of the Trust Agreement.

  • Developer Obligations In accordance with applicable NYISO requirements, Developer shall maintain satisfactory operating communications with Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO. Developer shall provide standard voice line, dedicated voice line and facsimile communications at its Large Generating Facility control room or central dispatch facility through use of either the public telephone system, or a voice communications system that does not rely on the public telephone system. Developer shall also provide the dedicated data circuit(s) necessary to provide Developer data to Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO as set forth in Appendix D hereto. The data circuit(s) shall extend from the Large Generating Facility to the location(s) specified by Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO. Any required maintenance of such communications equipment shall be performed by Developer. Operational communications shall be activated and maintained under, but not be limited to, the following events: system paralleling or separation, scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns, equipment clearances, and hourly and daily load data.