Deposit Account and Cash Management Account Sample Clauses

Deposit Account and Cash Management Account. (a) Borrower acknowledges and confirms that Borrower has established, and Borrower covenants that it shall maintain, pursuant to the Deposit Account Control Agreement, an Eligible Account with Deposit Bank into which Borrower shall, and shall cause Manager to, deposit or cause to be deposited, all Rents and other revenue from the Properties (such account, all funds at any time on deposit therein and any proceeds, replacements or substitutions of such account or funds therein, are collectively referred to herein as the “Deposit Account”). In the event Deposit Bank ceases to qualify as an Eligible Institution, resigns as Deposit Bank, or defaults under or terminates the Deposit Account Control Agreement, Borrower shall cooperate with Lender in designating a successor Eligible Institution and transferring the Deposit Account to such Eligible Institution, each within thirty (30) days after request by Lender. In the event Borrower fails to do so, Lender shall have the right, and Borrower hereby grants to Lender a power of attorney (which power of attorney shall be coupled with an interest and irrevocable so long as any portion of the Debt remains outstanding), to designate a successor Eligible Institution to serve as Deposit Bank.
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Related to Deposit Account and Cash Management Account

  • Cash Management Account Borrower hereby represents and warrants to Lender that:

  • Deposit Accounts; Credit Card Arrangements (a) Annexed hereto as Schedule 5.21(a) is a list of all DDAs maintained by the Loan Parties as of the Closing Date, which Schedule includes, with respect to each DDA (i) the name and address of the depository; (ii) the account number(s) maintained with such depository; (iii) a contact person at such depository, and (iv) the identification of each Blocked Account Bank.

  • Deposit Account Payments Subsection (b) is amended to read as follows:

  • Deposit Account (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, the Issuer shall cause the Servicer to establish and maintain, in the name of the Indenture Trustee, for the benefit of the Noteholders and the Certificateholders, the Deposit Account as provided in Section 5.01 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Deposit Accounts Neither Borrower nor any Subsidiary shall maintain any Deposit Accounts, or accounts holding Investment Property, except with respect to which Lender has an Account Control Agreement.

  • Collateral Accounts Evidence that the Collateral Accounts have been established;

  • Control Accounts; Approved Deposit Accounts Each Loan Party shall (i) deposit in an Approved Deposit Account all Cash it receives, (ii) not establish or maintain any Securities Account or Commodities Account that is not a Control Account and (iii) not establish or maintain any Deposit Account other than an Approved Deposit Account, provided however that notwithstanding the foregoing, each Loan Party may (w) maintain zero-balance accounts for the purpose of managing local disbursements and collections and may maintain payroll, withholding tax and other fiduciary accounts, (x) maintain accounts into which amounts are paid by a governmental entity pursuant to one or more Health Care Laws so long as the amounts on deposit therein are transferred each Business Day to an Approved Deposit Account or any other account permitted to be so utilized under this Section 5.14, (y) maintain other accounts as long as the aggregate monthly average daily balance over the immediately preceding 12-month period for all such Loan Parties in all such other accounts does not exceed $3,000,000 at any time and (z) make pledges or cash deposits permitted by Section 6.02.

  • Deposit Accounts; Etc (i) Schedule 5 hereto accurately sets forth, as of the date of this Agreement, for each Grantor, each deposit account maintained by such Grantor (including a description thereof and the respective account number) and the name of the respective bank with which such deposit account is maintained. Subject to Section 4(c) hereof and the terms of the Intercreditor Agreement, for each deposit account that is Collateral (other than the Cash Collateral Account or any other deposit account maintained with the Collateral Agent), the respective Grantor shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause the bank with which the deposit account is maintained to execute and deliver to the Collateral Agent, (x) in the case of an account located at a bank which is a lender under the Senior Credit Facility, within 30 days after the date of this Agreement (or, if later, the date of the establishment of the respective deposit account), or (y) in the case of an account located at a bank which is a not lender under the Senior Credit Facility, within 45 days after the date of this Agreement (or, if later, the date of the establishment of the respective deposit account), a “control agreement” in form and substance consistent with the deposit account control agreements entered into by the Company pursuant to the Senior Credit Facility, or otherwise acceptable to the Collateral Agent. Subject to Section 10(n)(iii) hereof, if any bank with which a deposit account is maintained refuses to, or does not, enter into such a “control agreement”, then the respective Grantor shall promptly (and in any event within 30 days after the date of this Agreement or, if later, 30 days after the establishment of such account) close the respective deposit account and transfer all balances therein to the Cash Collateral Account or another deposit account meeting the requirements of this Section 4(q). If any bank with which a deposit account is maintained refuses to subordinate all its claims with respect to such deposit account to the Collateral Agent’s security interest therein on terms satisfactory to the Collateral Agent, then the Collateral Agent, at its option, may (x) require that such deposit account be terminated in accordance with the immediately preceding sentence or (y) agree to a “control agreement” without such subordination, provided that in such event the Collateral Agent may at any time, at its option, subsequently require that such deposit account be terminated (within 30 days after notice from the Collateral Agent) in accordance with the requirements of the immediately preceding sentence.

  • Deposit Accounts; Credit Card Processors Open new DDAs (other than Excluded DDAs and Retail DDAs) unless the Loan Parties shall have delivered to the Agent appropriate Blocked Account Agreements consistent with the provisions of Section 6.12 and otherwise satisfactory to the Agent. No Loan Party shall maintain any bank accounts or enter into any agreements with Credit Card Issuers or Credit Card Processors other than the ones expressly contemplated herein or in Section 6.12 hereof.

  • Deposit Accounts; Securities Accounts The only Deposit Accounts or Securities Accounts maintained by any Grantor on the date hereof are those listed on Schedule 6 (Bank Accounts; Control Accounts), which sets forth such information separately for each Grantor.

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