Delayed Sample Clauses

Delayed. PAYMENT‌ In the event of late payment, the Client shall pay late payment interest on the due amount pursuant toLov om renter ved forsinket betaling mv.” (Danish interest act in the event of delayed payment).
Delayed. If Tenant fails to open for business within the Premises within (Article 6) Opening [***] days following the Commencement Date as set forth Rental: forth in Section 4.1, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, as Additional Rental, and in addition to Minimum Annual Rental, the sum of [***] per month for each month Tenant is not open for business. Tenant shall pay such amount to Landlord as of the thirty-first (31st) day that Tenant is not open for business.
Delayed. SAILING‌
Delayed transfers The total number of Number of days in period of care delayed bed days (for patients aged 18 and over) Non-elective hospital admissionsThe plan illustrated (within the BCF planning template) is the affordable level of non-elective admissions reflected in CCG contracts. The plan is a composite of shares of all the CCG’s plans covered by the HWB area. The definitions and shares used for this target are set nationally by the BCF programme. The Rotherham CCG plan for non-elective admissions is built up from growth assumptions produced by analysing local data on previous trends and from the planned impact of relevant quality improvement and targeted intervention programmes which are all established. Key schemes for 2019/20 include the on-going implementation of an integrated urgent and emergency care centre, interventions in mental health liaison, ambulatory care, social prescribing, case management in risk stratified patients, integrated locality working and Hospice at Home services. Non-elective activity and the impact of these schemes are monitored through a number of contractual processes and meetings. No additional reductions have been planned in as part of BCF as the broader non elective plan already encompasses the key schemes impacting non elective admissions. The Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC) targets have been set nationally and the definitions for this indictor have also been set nationally. The national expectations for Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOCs) have been presented as daily delayed bed days at a Health and Wellbeing Board level (18 Years+). Delayed transfer of care from acute or non-acute (including community and mental health) care occurs when a patient is ready to depart from such care and is still occupying a bed. The targets for Rotherham are:  11.1 average daily delayed bed days for NHS delays  4.2 average daily delayed bed days for Social Care delays  0.8 average daily delayed bed days for Joint delays Rotherham is currently routinely achieving the NHS delays target but not the Social Care delays target. The Joint delays target is generally achieved but occasionally missed. As at September 2019, the Rotherham DTOC position was:  9.3 average daily delayed bed days for NHS delays  16.4 average daily delayed bed days for Social Care delays  1.1 average daily delayed bed days for Joint delays DTOC performance is being addressed by all partners (including health and social care providers), underpinned by an action plan, ...
Delayed. 66.1 If the Procuring Entity makes a late payment, the Contractor Payment shall be paid interest on the late payment in the next payment at the rate as specified in the PCC. Interest shall be calculated from the date by which the payment should have been made up to the date when the late payment is made. 66.2 If an amount certified is increased in a subsequent certificate as a result of an award by the Adjudicator or an Arbitrator, the Contractor shall be paid interest upon the delayed payment as set out in this clause. Interest shall be calculated from the date upon which the increased amount would have been certified in the absence of dispute.
Delayed. Testing for the quality of water. Water testing is delayed for 2 reasonsGetting the WQAP approvedInstalling hand pumps to the 8 drilled boreholes  Organizing a joint team HPP-Congo and the Health Zone for field visits to all these areas to carry out field test on water samples - Recruit, train and equip the local pump menders. With the hand pumps not yet available in the project area, we could not organize just a theoretical training without the participants seeing and manipulating the hand pumps during the training. The training will take place in April as the tender process is completed and the pumps have been ordered. 6 Training of water committee members Build capacity to manage and maintain a water point 124 57 63 10-16 Februar y 2
Delayed. Payments If total unpaid dues exceed 50% of the total security deposit paid, subject to 15 daysnotice being provided to the Lessee, the Lessor shall have the right to disconnect power to the Demised Premises and the Lessor shall have the sole discretion to terminate the Lease Agreement. For FAERY ESTATES PVT. LTD For Freshworks Technologies Private Limited Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory Lessor’s initial Lessee’s initial
Delayed. Pricing Data which is provided by the Distributor to a Subscriber must always be appropriately identified as "Delayed Pricing Data";
Delayed. Tests If the Tests on Completion are being unduly delayed by the Employer, Sub-Clause 7.4 [Testing] (fifth paragraph) and/or Sub-Clause
Delayed. Payments If there is a delayed settlement of any payment due hereunder, interest will accrue on such payment at LIBOR. For purposes of this Section 3.7, a payment will be considered overdue, and such interest will begin to accrue, on the date that is five (5) Business Days after the date such payment is due. For greater clarity, (i) a payment shall be deemed to be due hereunder on the last date on which such payment may be timely made under the applicable provision, and (ii) interest will not accrue on any payment due the Reinsurer hereunder unless the delayed settlement thereof was caused by the Company.