Definition of Intellectual Property Sample Clauses

Definition of Intellectual Property. For purposes of this Agreement, “Intellectual Property” means recognized protectable rights and interests such as: patents (whether or not issued), copyrights, trademarks, service marks, applications for any of the foregoing, inventions, Confidential Information, trade secrets, trade dress, domain names, logos, insignia, color combinations, slogans, moral rights, right of publicity, author’s rights, contract and licensing rights, works, mask works, industrial design rights, rights of priority, know how, design flows, methodologies, devices business processes, developments, innovations, good will and all other legal rights protecting intangible proprietary information as may exist now and/or hereafter come into existence, and all registrations, renewals and extensions, regardless of whether those rights arise under the laws of the United States, or any other state, country or jurisdiction. For the avoidance of doubt, Protected Health Information and Personally Identifiable Information are not included in the definition of Intellectual Property, and are addressed under Article 9.
Definition of Intellectual Property. For purposes of this Agreement, the term "Intellectual Property" means any patent, copyright, trademark, trade name, service xxxx, service name, brand xxxx, brand name, logo, corporate name, Internet domain name or industrial design, any registrations thereof and pending applications therefor (to the extent applicable), any other intellectual property right (including, without limitation, any know-how, trade secret, trade right, formula, conditional or proprietary report or information, customer or membership list, any marketing data, and any computer program, software, database or data right), and license or other contract (including without limitation license(s) to use specific telephone numbers and/or radio channels/frequencies) relating to any of the foregoing, and any goodwill associated with any business owning, holding or using any of the foregoing.
Definition of Intellectual Property. For purposes of this Agreement, “Intellectual Property” shall mean all ideas, inventions, discoveries, processes, designs, methods, substances, articles, computer programs, and improvements (including, without limitation, enhancements to, or further interpretation or processing of, information that was in the possession of Employee prior to the date of this Agreement), whether or not patentable or copyrightable, that do not fall within the definition of Business Opportunities, that Employee discovers, conceives, invents, creates, or develops, alone or with others, before or during the Term, if such discovery, conception, invention, creation, or development (i) occurs in the course of Employee’s employment with the Company or its Affiliates or (ii) occurs with the use of any time, materials, or facilities of the Company or its Affiliates.
Definition of Intellectual Property. As used herein, the termIntellectual Property” shall include, without limitation, any inventions, technological innovations, discoveries, designs, formulas, know-how, processes, business methods, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, computer software, ideas, creations, writings, lectures, illustrations, photographs, motion pictures, scientific and mathematical models, improvements to all such property, and all recorded material defining, describing, or illustrating all such property, whether in hard copy or electronic form.
Definition of Intellectual Property. For the purposes of this Agreement, the termintellectual property” refers to all categories of intellectual property that are the subject of Articles 6.6 (Trademarks) to 6.11 (Undisclosed Information / Measures Related to Certain Regulated Products).
Definition of Intellectual Property. The termIntellectual Property” means:
Definition of Intellectual Property. For purposes of this Agreement, the termIntellectual Property” means all Works, trademarks, trademark applications, patents, patent applications, copyright materials, trade names, trade name applications, industrial designs, and applications to register designs.
Definition of Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property” means any and all (i) copyrights and other rights associated with works of authorship, (ii) trade secrets and other confidential information, (iii) patents, patent disclosures and all rights in inventions (whether patentable or not), (iv) trademarks, trade names, Internet domain names, and registrations and applications for the registration thereof together with all of the goodwill associated therewith, (v) all other intellectual and industrial property rights of every kind and nature throughout the world and however designated, whether arising by operation of law, contract, license, or otherwise, and (vi) all registrations, applications, renewals, extensions, continuations, divisions, or reissues thereof now or hereafter in effect.
Definition of Intellectual Property. (a) For purposes of this Agreement, the term "
Definition of Intellectual Property. The termIntellectual Propertyas used in this Agreement shall mean and include all of the following: