Deduction for Other Sample Clauses

Deduction for Other. On the basis of production of appropriate documentation, the Corporation shall provide a voluntary revocable check-off for all insurance premiums payable on life insurance plans provided by the Association for its members. ARTICLE MANAGEMENT RIGHTS The Association recognizes that the Corporation has the right, responsibility and authority to manage and operate the Canada Post Corporation and that, except to the extent provided herein, this Agreement in no way restricts the Corporation, or those charged by the oration with managerial responsibilities, in the exercise of this rig responsibility and authority.

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Deduction or Withholding for Tax (i) Gross-Up. All payments under this Agreement will be made without any deduction or withholding for or on account of any Tax unless such deduction or withholding is required by any applicable law, as modified by the practice of any relevant governmental revenue authority, then in effect. If a party is so required to deduct or withhold, then that party (“X”) will:—
Deductions The landlord may deduct reasonable charges from the Security Deposit for unpaid rent; late charges; costs of reletting, if Tenant is in default; unpaid utilities; replacing unreturned keys, garage door openers, or other devices; costs of cleaning and repairing the Property and its contents for which tenant is responsible; pet violations; removal of unauthorized locks or fixtures; removing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles; attorney fees and costs of court incurred in any proceeding against Tenant. If deductions exceed the Security Deposit, Tenant will pay Landlord the excess amount within ten (10) days after Landlord makes written demand. The Security Deposit will be applied first to any non-rent items, including late charges, returned check charges, repairs, brokerage fees, and periodic utilities, then to any unpaid rent.
Compensation for Damages or Losses When investments by investors of either Contracting Party suffer damages or losses owing to war, armed conflict, a state of national emergency, revolt, insurrection, riot or other similar events in the territory of the other Contracting Party, they shall be accorded by the latter Contracting Party a treatment, as regards compensation or other settlement, not less favourable than that accorded to its own investors or to investors of any Third State.
Dues Deduction During the term of this Agreement, the Employer shall deduct an amount equal to the Union’s uniform monthly dues or agency fees from the pay of each member of the Union who voluntarily executes a wage assignment authorization form. Upon request, the Employer shall deduct an initiation fee and any additional dues amounts as specified by the Union and authorized by the employee. When filed with the Employer, the authorization form will be honored in accordance with its terms. Deductions will be promptly transmitted to the Union by electronic transfer.