Data Usage Control / Data Storage Media Control Sample Clauses

Data Usage Control / Data Storage Media Control. Memory Control Prevention of unauthorized reading, copying, changing or erasure of data storage media (data storage media control). Prevention of unauthorized entry of Personal Information and unauthorized access to it, changing and deleting saved Personal Information (memory control). Ensuring that the parties authorized to use an automated processing system only have access to the Personal Information appropriate for their access authorization (e.g. through authorization concepts, passwords, regulations for leaving the company and for moving employees to other departments) (data usage control). The following technical and organizational measures have been implemented by the Operator for the processing of Personal Information described in this Agreement / Addendum: Roles and authorizations based on a “need to know principleNumber of administrators reduced to only the “essentialsLogging of access to applications, in particular the entry, change and erasure of data Physical erasure of data storage media before reuse Use of shredders or service providers Administration of rights by defined system administrators Password guidelines, incl. password length and changing passwords Secure storage of data storage media Proper destruction of data storage media (DIN 66399) Logging of destruction Miscellaneous:

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  • Control Data <<customer_name>> will send one confirmation record per pack that is received from BellSouth. This confirmation record will indicate <<customer_name>> received the pack and the acceptance or rejection of the pack. Pack Status Code(s) will be populated using standard ATIS EMI error codes for packs that were rejected by <<customer_name>> for reasons stated in the above section.

  • Access Control Supplier will maintain an appropriate access control policy that is designed to restrict access to Accenture Data and Supplier assets to authorized Personnel. Supplier will require that all accounts have complex passwords that contain letters, numbers, and special characters, be changed at least every 90 days, and have a minimum length of 8 characters.

  • Data Storage Where required by applicable law, Student Data shall be stored within the United States. Upon request of the LEA, Provider will provide a list of the locations where Student Data is stored.