Data Ownership Sample Clauses

Data Ownership. The State solely and exclusively owns and retains all right, title and interest, whether express or implied, in and to any and all State data. Contractor has no and acquires no right, title or interest, whether express or implied, in and to State data. Contractor will only use State data for the purposes set forth in the Contract. Contractor will only access State data as necessary for performance of this Contract. Contractor will not access State user accounts except to respond to service or technical problems or at the State’s specific request. All State data, including copies, summaries and derivative works thereof, must be remitted, in a mutually agreeable format and media, to the State by the Contractor upon request or upon completion, termination or cancellation of the Contract. The foregoing sentence does not apply if the State Chief Information Security Officer or delegate authorizes in writing the Contractor to sanitize and/or destroy the data and the Contractor certifies in writing the sanitization and/or destruction of the data. Within ninety days following any remittance of State data to the State, Contractor shall, unless otherwise instructed by the State in writing, sanitize and/or destroy any remaining data and certify in writing that the sanitization and/or destruction of the data has occurred. Any such remittance, sanitization or destruction will be at the Contractor’s sole cost and expense.
Data Ownership. All data, records, and reports relating to the Genworth Business and the customers of the Genworth Group (collectively, “Records”), whether in existence at the Execution Date hereof or compiled thereafter in the course of performing the Services, shall be treated by PROVIDER and its subcontractors as the exclusive property of CUSTOMER or other member of the Genworth Group and the furnishing of such Records, or access to such items by, PROVIDER and/or its subcontractors, shall not grant any express or implied interest in or license to PROVIDER and/or its subcontractors relating to such Records other than as is necessary to perform and provide the Services to the Genworth Group. Upon request by CUSTOMER at any time and from time to time and without regard to the default status of the parties under the Agreement, PROVIDER and/or its subcontractors shall promptly deliver to CUSTOMER the Records in electronic format and in such hard copy as exists on the date of the request by Customer.
Data Ownership. The parties agree that any and all proprietary data provided by a Fund and including nonpublic account data generated by Custodian pursuant to the provision of services under this Agreement (but excluding Custodian’s proprietary data and third party data governed by a license agreement or similar written agreement) shall be owned exclusively by the Fund.
Data Ownership. The Purchasing Entity will own all right, title and interest in its data that is related to the Services provided by this Master Agreement. The Contractor shall not access Purchasing Entity user accounts or Purchasing Entity data, except (1) in the course of data center operations, (2) in response to service or technical issues, (3) as required by the express terms of this Master Agreement, Participating Addendum, SLA, and/or other contract documents, or (4) at the Purchasing Entity’s written request. Contractor shall not collect, access, or use user-specific Purchasing Entity Data except as strictly necessary to provide Service to the Purchasing Entity. No information regarding a Purchasing Entity’s use of the Service may be disclosed, provided, rented or sold to any third party for any reason unless required by law or regulation or by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction. This obligation shall survive and extend beyond the term of this Master Agreement.
Data Ownership. 3.1. The GLO shall retain full ownership of all respective data provided to Provider or to which the Provider otherwise gains access by operation of the Contract or any agreement related thereto.
Data Ownership. The Business Associate acknowledges that the Business Associate or its agents or subcontractors have no ownership rights with respect to the protected health information it creates, receives or maintains, or otherwise holds, transmits, uses or discloses.
Data Ownership. The School District is the data owner. The Company does not obtain any right, title, or interest in any of the data furnished by the School District.