Damage to Azur Sample Clauses

Damage to Azur. The parties acknowledge and agree that if Azur suffers, incurs or otherwise becomes subject to any Losses as a result of or in connection with any inaccuracy in or breach or any representation, warranty, covenant or obligation as to which the Indemnitees are entitled to indemnification pursuant to this Article IX, then it shall have rights as an Indemnitee as set forth in this Agreement notwithstanding that such inaccuracy or breach was made or caused by Azur. The parties further acknowledge and agree that the representations, warranties, covenants and obligations of Azur and the rights and remedies that may be exercised by the Indemnitees, shall not be limited or otherwise affected by or as a result of any information available to, or any investigation made by or knowledge of, any of the Indemnitees (including Azur) or any of their Representatives.