Credited Sample Clauses

Credited. Service - is the aggregate of years, months and days of active employment recognized by the Company subject to the provisions of this contract.
Credited. An employee's credited service shall mean the period of time dating from an employee's company service date in effect as of June as established by prior rules and policies, or as thereafter adjusted or determined by the service credit rules and other applicable provisions of the Collective Agreement dated June but no credited service shall be accumulated while s/he was on Disability Retirement under this Plan or any other Pension Plan of the Company. An employee granted a leave of absence or extension of same under the last paragraph of Clause of the Collective Agreement of June between the Union and the Company or any leave of absence or extension granted under subsequent Collective Agreements between the Union and the Company shall, while on such approved leave or extension thereto, accumulate credited service for the purpose of determining eligibility for retirement. The additional service thus accumulated will be excluded from the computation of credited service for calculation of pension. While on a Company approved leave of absence for sickness or injury, where such sickness or injury, as certified in writing by a qualified medical practitioner as defined herein, prevents the employee from performing the duties of the employment in which employee was engaged before the commencement of the leave of absence for such sickness or injury, an employee without returning to active service, accumulate a maximum of one year additional credited service for the period from the last day of active employment. Such additional credited service will be used in the determina- tion of eligibility for retirement and in the computation of credited service for calculation of pension. Credited service is to be computed to completed months for a fractional year. The records of the Company shall be presumed to be conclusive of the facts concerning the credited service, employment, non-employment, or disability retirement of any employee, a former employee, or applicant for a pension, unless shown beyond a reasonable doubt to be incor- rect. An applicant for pension or shall prove his/her age by evidence satisfactory to the company.
Credited. The Administrative Agent will promptly advise the Swingline Lender of each Notice of Swingline Borrowing. The aggregate principal amount of each Swingline Loan shall not be less than $100,000 or a larger multiple of $50,000, or such other minimum amounts agreed to by the Swingline Lender and the Borrower. The Swingline Lender will make the proceeds of each Swingline Loan available to the Borrower in Dollars in immediately available funds at the account specified by the Borrower in the applicable Notice of Swingline Borrowing not later than 3:00 p.m. on the requested date of such Swingline Borrowing.
Credited. Credited flight time means the time which is accumulated toward a Flight Attendant’s monthly credited flight time maximum as described in Sections 7 and 12. Credited flight time may be more than but cannot be less than actual flight time.

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  • Cash Account Except as otherwise provided in Instructions acceptable to Bank, all cash held in the Cash Account shall be deposited during the period it is credited to the Account in one or more deposit accounts at Bank or at Bank's London Branch. Any cash so deposited with Bank's London Branch shall be payable exclusively by Bank's London Branch in the applicable currency, subject to compliance with any Applicable Law, including, without limitation, any restrictions on transactions in the applicable currency imposed by the country of the applicable currency.

  • Separate Account If Student-Generated Content is stored or maintained by the Provider, Provider shall, at the request of the LEA, transfer, or provide a mechanism for the LEA to transfer, said Student- Generated Content to a separate account created by the student.