COPY OF THE NOTE Sample Clauses

COPY OF THE NOTE. (a) A copy of each Funding Notice must be provided to the Issuer at the same time it is given to the Note Holder and the OF Manager.


  • Form of the Notes The Notes shall be issued in the form of a Global Note, duly executed by the Issuer and authenticated by the Trustee, which shall be deposited with the Trustee as custodian for DTC and registered in the name of “Cede & Co.,” as the nominee of DTC. The Notes shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto. So long as DTC, or its nominee, is the registered owner of a Global Note, DTC or its nominee, as the case may be, shall be considered the sole owner or Holder of the Notes represented by such Global Note for all purposes under the Indenture. Ownership of beneficial interests in such Global Note shall be shown on, and transfers thereof will be effective only through, records maintained by DTC (with respect to beneficial interests of participants) or by participants or Persons that hold interests through participants (with respect to beneficial interests of beneficial owners).

  • Payment of the Notes Each Underwriter, severally and not jointly, agrees to purchase at a price equal to [ ]% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes, plus accrued interest, if any, from [ ], [ ] to the Closing Date (the aggregate amount of the purchase price paid by the Underwriters being the “Purchase Price”), subject to the adjustments referred to in Section 9(c), the principal amount of the Notes set forth opposite its name on Schedule II, as such amount may be adjusted pursuant to Section 11.

  • Payment and Prepayment of the Notes Section 8.1.

  • Prepayment of the Notes In addition to the payment of the entire unpaid principal amount of the Notes at the final maturity thereof, the Company may make optional prepayments in respect of the Notes as hereinafter provided.

  • Terms of the Notes The following terms relating to the Notes are hereby established:

  • Maturity of the Funding Agreement Upon the maturity of the Funding Agreement and the return of funds thereunder, the Trust hereby directs the Indenture Trustee to set aside from such funds an amount sufficient for the repayment of the outstanding principal on the Notes and Trust Beneficial Interest when due.

  • Authorization of the Notes The Notes to be purchased by the Underwriters from the Company are in the form contemplated by the Indenture, have been duly authorized for issuance and sale pursuant to this Agreement and the Indenture and, at the Closing Date, will have been duly executed by the Company and, when authenticated in the manner provided for in the Indenture and delivered against payment of the purchase price therefor, will constitute valid and binding obligations of the Company, enforceable in accordance with their terms, except as the enforcement thereof may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent transfer, reorganization, moratorium or other similar laws relating to or affecting the rights and remedies of creditors or by general equitable principles, and will be entitled to the benefits of the Indenture.

  • Delivery of the Notes The Company shall deliver, or cause to be delivered, to the Representatives for the accounts of the several Underwriters certificates for the Notes at the Closing Date, against the irrevocable release of a wire transfer of immediately available funds for the amount of the purchase price therefor. The certificates for the Notes shall be in such denominations and registered in such names and denominations as the Representatives shall have requested at least two full business days prior to the Closing Date and shall be made available for inspection on the business day preceding the Closing Date at a location in New York City, as the Representatives may designate. Time shall be of the essence, and delivery at the time and place specified in this Agreement is a further condition to the obligations of the Underwriters.

  • Ratification of Original Indenture The Original Indenture, as supplemented by this Supplemental Indenture, is in all respects ratified and confirmed, and this Supplemental Indenture shall be deemed part of the Original Indenture in the manner and to the extent herein and therein provided. For the avoidance of doubt, each of the Company and each Holder of the Notes, by its acceptance of such Notes, acknowledges and agrees that all of the rights, privileges, protections, immunities and benefits afforded to the Trustee and the Paying Agent under the Original Indenture are deemed to be incorporated herein, and shall be enforceable by the Trustee and the Paying Agent hereunder, as if set forth herein in full. U.S. Bank National Association hereby accepts the trusts in this Supplemental Indenture declared and provided, upon the terms and conditions herein above set forth.

  • Promissory Note The Promissory Note is enclosed. The Chief Financial Officer is required to sign it and return it to the OPWC Loan Officer, Xxxxx XxXxxx. It is preferable that you scan and email it to her at Xxxxx.XxXxxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx but may also mail it to the address on our letterhead. Only use one method.