Cooperative Purchase Sample Clauses

Cooperative Purchase. Vancouver agrees to a no cost change to the JOC Contract that the Contractor provide Camas with job order construction services on Camas facilities directly to Camas on the same terms and conditions of the JOC Contract, except that the obligations owed to the Vancouver under such agreement will be owed by Contractor to Camas including but not limited to obligations to provide performance and payment bonds for work performed and insurance endorsements that name Camas as additional insured. Contractor shall directly invoice Camas for any and all such work provided, and all work orders shall state "All work described herein provided directly to the City of Camas, Washington by the Contractor are subject to the terms and conditions of the JOC Contract, City of Vancouver Contract #100196 commencing, dated November 1, 2019. The City of Vancouver is not a party to, nor responsible for, performance of or payment for the work described in this invoice." Camas shall issue all job orders and perform all fiscal and program responsibilities for the projects to be identified by Camas. A true and correct copy of the JOC Contract is attached hereto as Attachment "A" and incorporated in its entirety by this reference.
Cooperative Purchase. The determination of whether or not either party to this Agreement shall purchase materials, supplies or equipment under the terms and conditions of any purchase contract available to, or entered into, by the other party shall be made by the legislative body of the party desiring to make such purchase.
Cooperative Purchase. 6.1 The County reserves the right to extend all of the terms, conditions, specifications, and unit or other prices of any contract resulting from this bid to any and all public bodies, subdivisions, school districts, community colleges, colleges, and universities including non-public schools. This is conditioned upon mutual agreement of all parties pursuant to special requirements which may be appended thereto. The supplier/contractor agrees to notify the issuing body of those entities that wish to use any contract resulting from this bid and will also provide usage information, which may be requested.
Cooperative Purchase. The agencies identified in Exhibit “A” shall have the right to purchase from Service Provider at the same terms and pricing as the City of Fort Collins. Each agency is an independent entity and the City of Fort Collins shall not have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for another agencies non-performance or actions.

Related to Cooperative Purchase

  • Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to their own governing laws, and subject to the agreement of the Contractor, governmental entities that are not Customers may make purchases under the terms and conditions contained herein, if agreed to by Contractor. Such purchases are independent of the Contract between the Department and the Contractor, and the Department is not a party to these transactions. Agencies seeking to make purchases under this Contract are required to follow the requirements of Rule 60A-1.045(5), F.A.C.

  • Permit Transfer/Sale 16. Release and Waiver of All Claims Against Sector Manager; Indemnification and Hold Harmless.

  • Sale Purchase (A) Consummation of Sale and Purchase The sale and purchase of Eligible Loans pursuant to a Purchase Agreement shall be consummated upon Funding's receipt from Sallie Mae of the Bill of Sale and the payment by Funding to Sallie Mae of the Initial Payment and the assignment to Sallie Mae of the Excess Distribution Certificate, and when consummated such sale and purchase shall be effective as of the date of the Bill of Sale. Sallie Mae and Funding shall use their best efforts to perform promptly their respective obligations pursuant to such Purchase Agreement.

  • Asset Transfer Seller shall have delivered to Buyer the following instruments of transfer and assignment in accordance with the provisions hereof, transferring to Buyer all of Seller's right, title and interest in and to the Assets, free and clear of all Liens:

  • Purchaser Financing Purchaser assumes full responsibility to obtain the funds required for settlement, and Purchaser’s acquisition of such funds shall not be a contingency to the Closing.

  • SALE/PURCHASE OF INITIAL LOANS (A) Consummation of Sale and Purchase The sale and purchase of Eligible Loans pursuant to the Initial Purchase Agreement with respect to the Initial Loans shall be consummated upon: (i) Funding’s receipt from SLM ECFC of the Initial Bill of Sale; (ii) the payment by Funding to SLM ECFC of the Initial Payment. Upon consummation, such sale and purchase shall be effective as of the date of the Initial Bill of Sale. SLM ECFC and Funding shall use their best efforts to perform promptly their respective obligations pursuant to the Initial Purchase Agreement with respect to each Initial Loan.

  • Purchase of Distressed Mortgage Loans The NIMS Insurer may, at its option, purchase a Distressed Mortgage Loan; provided, however, prior to any such purchase, the Servicer shall be required to continue to make Monthly Advances with respect to such Distressed Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 4.03. Any such purchase shall be accomplished by remittance to the Master Servicer of the Purchase Price for the Distressed Mortgage Loan for deposit into the Collection Account established by the Master Servicer pursuant to the Trust Agreement. The Trustee and the Servicer shall immediately effectuate the conveyance of the purchased Distressed Mortgage Loan to the NIMS Insurer exercising the purchase option, including prompt delivery of the Servicing File and all related documentation to the applicable NIMS Insurer.

  • Additional Purchases Stockholder agrees that any shares of capital stock of the Company that Stockholder purchases or with respect to which Stockholder otherwise acquires beneficial ownership after the execution of this Agreement and prior to the Expiration Date ("New Shares") shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement to the same extent as if they constituted Shares.

  • Sale and Purchase of Equity Interest 1.1 Option Granted Party B hereby irrevocably grants Party A an irrevocable and exclusive right to purchase, or designate one or more persons (each, a “Designee”) to purchase the equity interests in Party C then held by Party B once or at multiple times at any time in part or in whole at Party A’s sole and absolute discretion to the extent permitted by Chinese laws and at the price described in Section 1.3 herein (such right being the “Equity Interest Purchase Option”). Except for Party A and the Designee(s), no other person shall be entitled to the Equity Interest Purchase Option or other rights with respect to the equity interests of Party B. Party C hereby agrees to the grant by Party B of the Equity Interest Purchase Option to Party A. The term “person” as used herein shall refer to individuals, corporations, partnerships, partners, enterprises, trusts or non-corporate organizations.

  • Approved Sale If the Rockpoint Preferred Holders fail to deliver an Acceptance Notice with respect to a proposed Approved Sale under Section 12(d), the General Partner shall have the right to cause the Partnership to enter into an Approved Sale, subject to its prior compliance with Section 8, Section 12(d) and this Section 12(e). If the General Partner approves a sale of all or substantially all of the Partnership’s assets determined on a consolidated basis or proposes a sale of a majority of the then-outstanding Partnership Interests, in each case whether by merger, recapitalization, consolidation, reorganization, combination or otherwise, to any bona fide third party purchaser (collectively, if consummated, an “Approved Sale”) (such bona fide third purchaser, a “Proposed Purchaser”), the General Partner shall deliver written notice to the Partners setting forth in reasonable detail the terms and conditions of the Approved Sale (including, to the extent then determined, the consideration to be paid with respect to each Partner which shall be determined by reference to its Partnership Interest Liquidation Value). Rockpoint Preferred Holders shall be given the right to approve such Approved Sale in their sole and absolute discretion; provided, for avoidance of doubt, that any such disapproval shall not be deemed to restrict or otherwise modify the General Partner’s right and obligation to acquire the Put/Call Interests in connection with an Approved Sale that is not an RP Approved Sale pursuant to Section 13. If Rockpoint Preferred Holders approve such Approved Sale (an “RP Approved Sale”) in writing within twenty (20) calendar days following receipt of notice thereof from the General Partner, then each Partner will be deemed to have consented to and agrees to raise no objections against (and to confirm in writing such consent to) such RP Approved Sale, whether such RP Approved Sale is with the Rockpoint Preferred Holders or their Affiliate, pursuant to Section 12(d), or the Proposed Purchaser. If Rockpoint Preferred Holders do not approve such Approved Sale in writing within such period, then as a condition to consummating an Approved Sale that is not an RP Approved Sale the General Partner shall be required to purchase the Put/Call Interests solely through exercise of an Early Purchase as provided in Section 13 (if the Approved Sale would occur during the Lockout Period) or solely through the exercise of the Call Right in Section 13(g)(i) (if the Approved Sale would occur outside the Lockout Period), in exchange for the Purchase Payments under terms described in Section 13 by giving notice thereof in writing to the Rockpoint Preferred Holders (a “Section 12(e) Notice”) within twenty (20) days following the earlier of (1) the date that one or both the Rockpoint Preferred Holders provide written notice that they do not approve the sale or (2) the date that the Rockpoint Preferred Holders are deemed not to approve the sale due to their failure to respond within twenty (20) days after receiving notice of the intended Approved Sale from the General Partner. If the RP Approved Sale is structured as a merger, consolidation or other transaction for which dissenter’s appraisal or similar rights are available under applicable law, each Partner will waive any dissenter’s rights, appraisal rights or similar rights in connection with such transaction. The obligations of the Partners with respect to an RP Approved Sale are subject to each Partner being entitled to and receiving the same terms and conditions as any other holder of Partnership Interests, provided that each Partner receives its Partnership Interest Liquidation Value. Each Partner shall take all necessary or desirable actions in connection with the consummation of the RP Approved Sale as reasonably requested by the General Partner, including by executing, acknowledging and delivering any and all customary consents, assignments, waivers and other documents or instruments (including any applicable purchase agreement, stockholders agreement, indemnification agreement or contribution agreement), furnishing information and copies of documents, filing applications, reports, returns and other documents or instruments with governmental authorities, and otherwise cooperating reasonably with the Proposed Purchaser. Each Partner shall only be required to make representations and warranties personal to it relating to its ownership of Partnership Interests to be transferred; provided, however, that each Partner shall be obligated to join strictly on a pro rata basis with respect to all operational representations and warranties made in respect of the Partnership and its Subsidiaries (as if such obligations reduced the aggregate proceeds available for distribution or payment to the Partners in the determination of Partnership Interest Liquidation Value) in any customary indemnification, escrow, holdback or other obligations that the Partnership or the Partners agree to provide in connection with the RP Approved Sale and that are customary in amount and duration for transactions involving the sale of real estate generally in the United States; provided, however, that in connection with the closing of any such RP Approved Sale, each Rockpoint Preferred Holder shall receive at closing all consideration owed to such Rockpoint Preferred Holder pursuant to such RP Approved Sale, other than such amounts retained on a pro rata basis pursuant to such permitted indemnification, escrow, or other holdback.