Cooperation on Blade Sample Clauses

Cooperation on Blade. In order to meet the assemble requirements of Party A’s wind generator hosts, Party A shall provide the drawings of blade techniques, including aerodynamic configuration, aerodynamic and load calculation, layering, structure and intensity calculation. Party B produces blades according to the above technical requirements and provides the blades for Party A’s generator hosts. (A confidentiality agreement will be signed. ) Party A owns the intellectual property. 4.2.2 Party B can provide the blades according to Party A’s production capacity requirement. When Party A’s two suites of blades attain the operating standards on Party B’s prototypes, the Two Parties agree to sign a purchasing agreement specifying the quantity, price, acceptance test and payment mode of each lot of blades. 4.2.3 Party B agrees that the price of the blades provided by Party B to Party A is no higher than that of similar products in the market. In order to improve the technical content of Party A’s host wind generator hosts, Party B agrees to provide blades with centralized intelligent systems which monitors dynamic balance, fracture, damage, ice covering and so on. The Two Parties shall jointly make technical assessment on this technique. Party B also agrees not to increase price when providing this kind of products. 4.2.4 In the wind fields the Two Parties jointly worked for, Party A guarantees to use blades produced by Party B. In other wind fields, Party A preferentially use blades produced by Party B, on the basis that the blades meet the requirements. 4.2.5 Party A guarantees that the supply scope of Party B’s blades for Party A covers East Mongolia area and the whole Northeast three provinces.