Contributions to the Fund Sample Clauses

Contributions to the Fund. (a) If a Contribution Event occurs prior to the occurrence of a Termination Event (defined below), the Support Provider will make a Capital Contribution to the Fund in the amount equal to the least of (i) the Loss incurred as a result of Contribution Event, (ii) the Required Capital Contribution, or (iii) the Maximum Contribution Amount reduced by the amount of any Capital Contribution previously made by the Support Provider to the Fund.
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Contributions to the Fund. The Donor, or any other donor or entity, may transfer to the Fund at any time, property acceptable to the Foundation, for such purposes. All contributions other than cash and marketable securities must be approved and acceptable to the Foundation.
Contributions to the Fund. The Admission Body must pay to the Fund in relation to the Members:
Contributions to the Fund. Section 1. Accumulated Employer Contributions 33 Section 2. Employer Contributions 33 Section 3. Period of Employer Contributions 34 Section 4. Participants Contributions 34 Section 5. [Intentionally Left Blank] 34 Section 6. Mode of Payment 35 Section 7. Default in Payment 35 Section 8. Report on Contributions 38 Section 9. New Employers 39 Section 10. Designated Groups of Employees 39
Contributions to the Fund. All contributions to the Fund represent an irrevocable gift to the Foundation, are not refundable, and are under the exclusive legal control of the Foundation. Please indicate below the property you intend to initially assign, convey, transfer and deliver to the Foundation to establish this fund.
Contributions to the Fund. (a) The University will contribute to the Fund in respect of each employee subject to this Agreement a payment of 3 per cent of ordinary time earnings. Provided that where the contract of an employee is such that the employee will not necessarily exceed the criteria set out in subclause 8.5(a), the University will not be liable to make regular payments. In such cases the University will assess retrospectively, in January or July as the case may be, whether the employee is or is not a casual employee for the purposes of this clause. If the employee is not excluded by reason of being a casual employee, then the University will forward 3 per cent of the ordinary time earnings of the employee during the relevant period to the Fund not later than two months after the end of the relevant qualifying period.
Contributions to the Fund. The Fund shall consist of contributions made by the Contracting Parties in accordance with the Terms of Reference. Japan shall make an annual contribution of US$40,000 to the Fund. The People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea shall contribute US$20,000 each to the Fund annually. The ASEAN Member Countries shall also make an annual contribution of US$2,000 each. The amount of contribution of each Contracting Party to the Fund may be adjusted upon the agreement of all Contracting Parties. The Fund shall belong to the Contracting Parties and shall be held and administered by the ASEAN Secretariat.
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Contributions to the Fund. Contributions to the Fund must be made by an instrument of transfer ("Donor Agreement"), substantially in one of the forms attached as Exhibits B through D. In addition to identifying the property being contributed, the Donor Agreement shall designate the income beneficiary or beneficiaries and the share and timing of income to be distributed to each. It is anticipated that contributions will be accepted by the Fund until the earlier of
Contributions to the Fund. The Fund shall receive and accept contributions from the Club, or individual donations made for the benefit of the Fund, for inclusion in the Fund. Donations in any amount will be accepted, however, the preferred amount for each Club deposit is a minimum of $1000. The Fund shall be a component fund of the Foundation held by it in its corporate capacity and shall not be deemed a trust fund held by it in a trustee capacity. The Foundation shall have the ultimate authority and control over all moneys in the Fund, and the income derived therefrom, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies of the Foundation as they may be amended from time to time.
Contributions to the Fund a. The Donor will transfer and deliver to the Foundation, as an irrevocable and unconditional gift, certain property to be used to create the Fund. After the Foundation has accepted such property and created the Fund, the Foundation will administer and use the Fund in accordance with this Agreement, including the Advised Fund Policies established and amended from time to time by the Board of Trustees.
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