Contractor’s Employees Sample Clauses

Contractor’s Employees. Contractor may, in its discretion and at its own expense, employ such assistants as Contractor deems necessary to perform the Services. If any specific employee is designated in Schedule 1 to perform the Services, Contractor may only replace such designated employee with SMUD’s prior written approval, and with a replacement satisfactory to SMUD. SMUD may not control, direct, or supervise Contractor or Contractor’s Representatives in the performance of the Services. Contractor agrees to assume full responsibility for the payment and deduction of all state and federal taxes and benefits from Contractor’s Representatives, including but not limited to any applicable payroll and income taxes, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, retirement, workerscompensation, pension, or other social security benefits for all persons or entities employed or retained by Contractor in the performance of the Services under this Agreement, and if applicable for all self-employment and other taxes incurred by Contractor in the performance of the Services.
Contractor’s Employees. B7.1 The Council reserves the right under the Contract to refuse to admit to, or to withdraw permission to remain on, any premises occupied by or on behalf of the Council:
Contractor’s Employees. 30.1 The Contractor shall at all times employ only fully competent and reliable Contractor Employees. ArcelorMittal shall be at liberty to object to any xxxxxxx or person employed by the Contractor in the execution of the work to be performed, who in the opinion of ArcelorMittal misconducts himself, or is incompetent or negligent or otherwise unsatisfactory, and the Contractor shall, subject to industrial relations practices, immediately replace the person so objected to, upon receipt from ArcelorMittal of notice in writing requiring it to do so.
Contractor’s Employees. A. The Contractor shall provide and maintain, continually on the site of the Work during its progress, adequate and competent superintendence of all operations for and in connection with the Work under the Contract. The Contractor shall either personally superintend his Work or shall cause it to be done by a capable Superintendent acceptable to the Owner. Such representative shall be able to read, write, and speak English fluently and shall be authorized to receive instructions from the Owner. Said Superintendent shall have authority to see that the Work is carried out in accordance with the Contract Documents and in a first class, thorough, and Good and Workmanlike Manner in every respect.
Contractor’s Employees. No other employees or agents of Contractor shall participate in the performance of the Services without the prior written consent of City.
Contractor’s Employees. All crews necessary to perform the Custodial Services must be fully staffed at the commencement of this Contract. Contractor shall supervise all personnel. The Contractorsemployees shall wear uniforms that bear the Contractor’s company logo. Uniforms cannot be dirty, stained or torn.
Contractor’s Employees. If Contractor hires an individual who is also an employee of the Owner to perform any of the work required under the Contract Documents, said individual is prohibited from performing work for the Contractor during contracted school hours. While that individual is working for Contractor, the individual will be an employee of and under the direction and control of Contractor and not of Owner. Contractor will pay said individual prevailing wage as it is required to for any other employee. Owner will not pay said individual for any services performed for Contractor.
Contractor’s Employees. Contractor verifies that no person in their employ, working on any property for Manager has ever been convicted of a felony offense related to burglary, theft, drugs, sex related crimes, acts of violence against another person or property;
Contractor’s Employees. 27.2.1. The Contractor warrants that nothing in this Agreement and/or its terms will be construed as creating between the Contractor and/or its employees and/or anyone on its behalf, on the one hand, and ISR on the other hand, an employer-employee relationship, and all employees employed by the Contractor in the Project, for purposes of performance of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement, shall be, and shall be deemed to be, solely the Contractor’s employees and there shall not be between them and ISR any employer-employee relationship. The Contractor hereby warrants that it notified and made clear to all of its employees, employed directly by it or as a subcontractor, in the performance of this Agreement, that there is no employer-employee relationship between them and ISR.