Contractors and Materials Sample Clauses

Contractors and Materials. The Association shall have sole authority to select and retain contractors, sub-contractors, and other consultants it deems necessary and appropriate to complete the Work. Further, the Association shall have the sole authority to determine all materials used for any aspect of the Work.
Contractors and Materials. The CRA Representative will obtain three(3) from a pool of prequalified, local contractors who reside in the City of Palatka and/or Putnam County, Florida, one(1) of whom will be awarded the job at such homeowner’s property based upon the City of Palatka’s procurement policy. Contractor(s) must be willing to warranty chosen material(s) per manufacturer’s recommendation or a minimum of three (3) years. In the event of an unforeseen structural defect the homeowner may request a modification of terms so long as the maximum grant amount does not exceed $15,000 total to correct said deficiency.