Contractor Commitments and Warranties‌ Sample Clauses

Contractor Commitments and Warranties‌. Contractor will comply with its commitments set forth in the Master Contract, Technology Solution Contract, and/or SOW. Contractor’s commitments include: (i) Prices, discounts, and options that the parties agree will remain in force over a specified period of time; and (ii) Contractor’s express warranties in its RFP Response, this Master Contract, a Technology Solution Contract, and/or an SOW.Contractor warrants that its Services, including Deliverables, will be performed in a good and workmanlike manner. Unless otherwise agreed in a Technology Solution Contract or SOW, Contractor will correct any complaints about Services and/or Deliverables that are not in material compliance with this warranty and that are brought to its attention in writing within thirty (30) days after those Services and/or Deliverables are delivered to Purchaser. However, if Contractor cannot determine the cause of and/or correct the issue within 30 days following Purchaser’s written notice, Contractor will provide Purchaser with a temporary fix or workaround solution within the 30-day notice period until a permanent correction or resolution is achieved. Contractor warrants that its Services and Deliverables which are original content will materially conform to their applicable specifications for a period of thirty (30) days following delivery to Purchaser.Contractor acknowledges that if Purchaser is dissatisfied with the performance of an individual working on a Purchaser’s project, Purchaser may report its dissatisfaction to Contractor in writing and may ask Contractor to replace the individual. Contractor shall work with Purchaser to provide staff who are acceptable to Purchaser.Contractor must disclose in detail prior to execution of this Master Contract any known warranty caveats or Purchaser activities or circumstances that could potentially void warranties.