Contract Price and Payment Sample Clauses

Contract Price and Payment. 2.1 Payments for performance of the Work contemplated by this Contract shall be in the amount and in accordance with the provisions set forth in “Exhibit B”, attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein.
Contract Price and Payment. In exchange for the materials and/or services provided under this Agreement, _General Production Service shall assist KCCD to submit training records on behalf of General Production Service _ employees to the Employment Training Panel for reimbursement and shall ensure that employees sign rosters and complete the training and retention period required by the Employment Training Panel to make the training eligible for reimbursement as specified in the attachment. General Production Service acknowledges that only employees with valid social security numbers are eligible for training reimbursement. General Production Service will ensure that a minimum number of employees will complete the KCCD provided training and continue full-time employment for the 90 day retention period required by the Employment Training Panel. In the event that the actual number of employees completing training and earning Employment Training Panel reimbursement falls below the class minimums as specified in Attachment A, General Production Service will pay to KCCD based on the shortfall as specified in Attachment A. KCCD will invoice General Production Service after the 90 day retention period if payment is due because of a shortfall in the number of employees eligible for Employment Training Panel reimbursement. General Production Service shall make payment to KCCD within 30 days of receipt of an invoice. For eligible training conducted by providers other than KCCD which generates Employment Training Panel reimbursement to KCCD, KCCD will reimburse General Production Service $ 17.20_ per hour for each hour of reimbursement received. In no case will KCCD be liable for reimbursement for employees for whom the Employment Training Panel does not reimburse KCCD. Total reimbursement not to exceed $ 95,000.00 .
Contract Price and Payment. 6.1 In consideration of the Contractor's due and proper performance of its obligations under the Contract, the Contractor may charge the Authority the Contract Price in accordance with this Clause 6.
Contract Price and Payment. 4.1 The Contract Price payable to the CONSULTANT is the LUMP SUM FIXED PRICE USD XXX (In words), including all taxes and duties due by the CONSULTANT in Timor-Leste or any other jurisdiction. All rates, prices or sums, as set out in Appendix I and II, shall be firmed and fixed and not subject to indexation or other increase for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to currency fluctuation.
Contract Price and Payment. UNIDO shall pay the Contractor for the full and proper performance of all obligations hereunder the sum of <currency and amount in words and in figure>. This sum shall cover all expenses incurred by the Contractor including, but not limited to, salaries, indemnities, social charges, overheads, travel, technical assistance and supervision costs. The Contractor shall not do any work which may result in any charges to UNIDO over and above the sum of <currency and amount in words and in figure> without prior written consent of UNIDO and a formal amendment to this Contract.
Contract Price and Payment. 1. The contract price is (in words) RMB * YUAN ONLY (¥*) (Including 16% VAT).
Contract Price and Payment. The contract price or unit prices stated in the purchase order represent the fixed, full amount payable by Buyer under the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order, no additional charge will be allowed for labor, supervision, equipment, materials, supplies, tools, field and office overhead, facilities, utilities, services, transportation, packaging, cartage, and any other of Seller’s costs. Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order, Seller shall pay all taxes, duties, licenses, permits, and all other fees and charges imposed by any governmental entity with respect to the Agreement. The contract price shall include all contributions for unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, social security, and other employee benefits, and for the cost of any insurance required by the Agreement. Buyer will not be responsible for charges for any work performed for any other contractor, Subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or supplier. Payments by Buyer shall not be deemed evidence of acceptance by Buyer of the Products or the Work. Seller warrants that its prices are no higher than prices charged by it for the same or similar items and quantities to any other buyer. No charge will be allowed for packing or shipping unless designated by Buyer on the purchase order. Shipments will be packaged to secure the lowest transportation costs. Bills of lading must accompany each invoice. Orders not accompanied by packing lists will be conclusively deemed in the amount of Buyer’s count or weight. If Seller’s deliveries are behind the agreed upon schedule, Buyer may elect to have further deliveries made by express shipments and Seller shall bear the difference between freight and express shipping rates. Unless otherwise stipulated on the face of a purchase order or by Buyer in writing domestic orders shall be priced and shippedFOB destination,” and international orders shall be priced and shipped “DDP destination.”
Contract Price and Payment. The total Contract Price is as set forth and defined more specifically in the Proposal Buyer shall pay the total Contract Price to Siemens in accordance with the Proposal. Each payment, except for the initial payment, shall be made by wire transfer, pursuant to wire transfer instructions to be provided by Siemens to Buyer, within thirty (30) days from the date of the Siemens invoice therefor or by such other payment method acceptable to Siemens. The Contract Price is based upon Buyer performing its obligations set forth in this Agreement. The Contract Price, schedule, warranty and guarantee obligations are based upon unrestricted working hours at, and free access seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day, to the Project Site, including free access to any components requiring assembly by Siemens as part of Siemens’ scope of Work. Price validity for Siemens offering shall be 30 days from receipt of the offer from Siemens. Thereafter, Siemens reserves the right to increase its pricing based on market conditions.
Contract Price and Payment. 1. The contract price is (in words) RMB * (Ұ*) (tax included).