Contract Manufacturer Sample Clauses

Contract Manufacturer. Promptly following the Effective Date, but in no event later than ninety (90) days after the Effective Date, CMH shall enter into an agreement with a contract manufacturer deemed reasonably acceptable to Cytonics (the “Contract Manufacturer”), such acceptance by Cytonics will not be unreasonably withheld, pursuant to which the Contract Manufacturer will perform or contract sub-suppliers to perform all ordering, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, sterilization, testing, warehousing, and order fulfillment functions (the “Contract Manufacturing”) with respect to the APIC System (the “Contract Manufacturer Agreement”). For the avoidance of doubt, neither Cytonics nor any of its Affiliates shall be the primary party to the Contract Manufacturer Agreement, however Cytonics will be named the beneficiary if the Contract Manufacturing Agreement should this agreement terminate pursuant to Article 16. CMH shall negotiate the Contract Manufacturer Agreement with the Contract Manufacturer in consultation with Cytonics, and CMH shall not execute any Contract Manufacturer Agreement without the prior written approval of Cytonics. CMH shall cause the Contract Manufacturer Agreement to allow Cytonics full access to information (both hard copy and on-line access) relating to the Contract Manufacturing performed by the Contract Manufacturer under the Contract Manufacturer Agreement. CMH shall pay all fees charged by the Contract Manufacturer under the Contract Manufacturer Agreement.
Contract Manufacturer. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, each Party shall have the right to Manufacture the Compounds and/or Products under this Agreement through a Third Party contract manufacturer, provided that its agreement with such Third Party shall (i) permit such Party to transfer the manufacturing process used by such Third Party to the other Party; and (ii) require such Third Party to transfer to such Party engaging such Third Party contractor manufacture all records pertaining to such Manufacturing activities to the extent required, so that such Party may satisfy its obligations under Section 7.4.
Contract Manufacturer. As more fully described in the License Agreement, AutovaxID shall serve as a non-exclusive contract manufacturer to manufacture Autovax Instruments for Biovest to be used by Biovest for internal manufacturing purposes, including but not limited to producing anti-cancer vaccine for clinical trial or commercial sale and to produce other cell products including contract manufacturing of any description and for re-sale to customers outside North America, provided Biovest cannot purchase Autovax Instruments for resale to customers in or to be used in North America. Biovest shall have no minimum purchase requirements and all such purchases shall be as and when required by Biovest and shall be at the specifications submitted in writing by Biovest and accepted by AutovaxID. All Autovax Instruments manufactured by AutovaxID for Biovest shall be paid for at fair market value (which shall be no less than fully burdened manufactured cost). AutovaxID’s fully burdened cost includes all third party and overhead expenses, such as wages and salaries, lease payments, utilities, purchases of manufacturing materials, maintenance and repairs to equipment and leasehold, amortization, and other expenditures necessary or appropriate to operate the Lease Premises currently accrued, using the same methodology as currently used in Biovest financial accounting. Fully burdened costs do not include capital expenditures such as purchases of equipment and partially completed vaccines, expansion of facilities, leasehold improvements, and employee training. Biovest shall have the right to inspect and audit the calculation of full burdened manufactured cost upon reasonable notice to AutovaxID. Invoices shall be paid within 30 days after invoice. Nothing herein shall prohibit Biovest from purchasing Autovax Instruments from other manufacturing sources outside of North America.
Contract Manufacturer. Each Party shall have the right to Manufacture the mRNA Constructs and Products under this Agreement through a CMO, provided that its agreement with such CMO shall
Contract Manufacturer. Without limiting Aegis’ obligation to comply with the terms of this Supply Agreement, Aegis shall have the right at any time to satisfy its supply obligations to Opiant hereunder either in whole or in part through arrangements with Contract Manufacturers; provided that (a) Aegis shall give Opiant prior written notice of any such arrangement with a Contract Manufacturer with sufficient time to permit Opiant to evaluate the implications of any such arrangement on the existing or pending development or approvals for Materials or Products; (b) any arrangement made or entered into after the Effective Date with a Contract Manufacturer that will result in a delay in Aegis’ or such Contract Manufacturer’s ability to meet Opiant’s delivery requirements for Materials pursuant to any Orders made pursuant to Article 5.1 shall require the prior written consent of Opiant (including delay due to modifications or new approvals required in connection with such new Contract Manufacturer); (c) Aegis shall otherwise remain responsible for all of its obligations set forth herein; and (d) Aegis shall promptly notify Opiant upon Aegis becoming aware of any (i) any failure or reasonably expected failure by a Contract Manufacturer to supply Materials, or (ii) performance by a Contract Manufacturer in a manner that would result in Aegis not being in material compliance with this Supply Agreement. The Parties acknowledge that as of the Effective Date, **** and **** are acting as the only Contract Manufacturers, and Opiant has accepted **** and **** as Contract Manufacturers. Aegis shall require its Contract Manufacturer(s) to comply in all material respects with the requirements set forth in this Supply Agreement, including the establishment and deployment of regular and as-needed inspections of the facilities of such Contract Manufacturer(s) by Opiant and the execution of regular and as-needed audits of such Contract Manufacturer(s). Aegis shall not amend those agreements with Contract Manufacturer(s) to the extent they apply to the Territory in a manner inconsistent or in conflict with the terms of this Supply Agreement nor terminate them to the extent they apply to the Territory without prior written consent of Opiant, not to be unreasonably withheld. Confidential Treatment has been requested for portions of this exhibit. The copy filed herewith omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as “****”. A complete version of this exhibit has...
Contract Manufacturer. INIS shall act as a contract manufacturer of Sources for RadQual in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. There shall be no joint venture or other partnership relationship established between INIS and RadQual.
Contract Manufacturer. Overland will work with Seller, and the contract manufacturers, to transition supply to the Seller. Overland will place any new purchase orders to the manufacturer or other supplier on Overland’s account as requested. For orders on behalf of the Seller, Seller agrees that Overland will not be required to submit any orders unless the obligation to the supplier is expressly agreed to be the Seller’s. Manufacturing AIC XSR 40 and 120 Manufacturing GTEC / THDK XSD 40
Contract Manufacturer. This section only requires completing if you utilise contract manufacturers for products listed under 2.2.