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Contract Billings and Payments 

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Billings and Payments Billings and payments shall be sent to the addresses set out in Appendix F hereto.
Invoices and Payments 5.5.1 The Contractor shall invoice the County only for providing the tasks, deliverables, goods, services, and other work specified in Exhibit A - Statement of Work and elsewhere hereunder. The Contractor shall prepare invoices, which shall include the charges owed to the Contractor by the County under the terms of this Contract. The Contractor’s payments shall be as provided in Exhibit B - Pricing Schedule, and the Contractor shall be paid only for the tasks, deliverables, goods, services, and other work approved in writing by the County. If the County does not approve work in writing no payment shall be due to the Contractor for that work.
Deposits and Payments (a) If Ford Credit’s short term unsecured debt is rated at least “F1” by Fitch and at least “A-1” by Standard & Poor’s (this rating requirement, the “Monthly Deposit Required Ratings”), Ford Credit may deposit Collections on the Business Day preceding each Payment Date, or with satisfaction of the Rating Agency Condition, on each Payment Date.
Billing and Payments You will be expected to pay for each session at the time it is held, unless we agree otherwise. If your account has not been paid for more than 60 days and arrangements for payment have not been agreed upon, I have the option of using legal means to secure the payment. This may involve hiring a collection agency or going through small claims court which will require me to disclose otherwise confidential information. In most collection situations, the only information I release regarding a patient’s treatment is his/her name, the nature of services provided, and the amount due. [If such legal action is necessary, the costs for taking such action will be included in the collection claim.] Uses and Disclosures for Treatment, Payment, and Health Care Operations
Accounts Receivable and Payable Subject to any reserves set forth in the Interim Balance Sheet, all accounts receivable of the Company shown on the Interim Balance Sheet and all accounts receivable of the Company arising from and after the date of the Interim Balance Sheet and to including the Closing Date, are valid receivables subject to no setoffs or counterclaims, represent and will represent bona fide claims against debtors for sales and other charges, and are not subject to discount except for normal cash and immaterial trade discounts. The amount carried for doubtful accounts and allowances disclosed in the Interim Balance Sheet are sufficient to provide for any losses which may be sustained on realization of the receivables. The amounts carried as reserves for expenses, including all expenses for services rendered and goods purchased, and warranty claims on the Interim Balance Sheet are sufficient for the payment of (a) expenses incurred prior to the Closing Date, other than Transaction Expenses, (b) current warranty claims and (c) warranty claims which arise prior to twelve (12) months from the date of the Interim Balance Sheet. There are no unpaid invoices or bills representing amounts alleged to be owed by the Company, or other alleged obligations of the Company, which the Company has disputed or determined to dispute or refuse to pay.
Returns and Payments (a) From the date of this Agreement through and after the Closing Date, Seller shall prepare and file or otherwise furnish in proper form to the appropriate Governmental Authority (or cause to be prepared and filed or so furnished) in a timely manner all Tax Returns relating to the Companies and the Subsidiaries that are due on or before or relate to any taxable period ending on or before the Closing Date (and Purchaser shall do the same with respect to any taxable period ending after the Closing Date). Tax Returns of the Companies and the Subsidiaries not yet filed for any taxable period that begins before the Closing Date shall be prepared in a manner consistent with past practices employed with respect to the Companies and the Subsidiaries (except to the extent counsel for Seller or the Companies renders a legal opinion that there is no reasonable basis in law therefor or determines that a Tax Return cannot be so prepared and filed without being subject to penalties). With respect to any Tax Return required to be filed by Purchaser or Seller with respect to the Companies and the Subsidiaries and as to which an amount of Tax is allocable to the other party under Section 7.01(b), the filing party shall provide the other party and its authorized representatives with a copy of such completed Tax Return and a statement certifying the amount of Tax shown on such Tax Return that is allocable to such other party pursuant to Section 7.01(b), together with appropriate supporting information and schedules at least 20 Business Days prior to the due date (including any extension thereof) for the filing of such Tax Return, and such other party and its authorized representatives shall have the right to review and comment on such Tax Return and statement prior the filing of such Tax Return.
Invoices and Payment Customer agrees to pay all invoiced amounts within thirty (30) days of HP’s invoice date. HP may suspend or cancel performance of open Orders or services if Customer fails to make payments when due.
Prices and Payments Subject to the provisions of the Supply Agreement, all prices are firm and shall not be subject to change. Seller’s price includes all payroll and/or occupational taxes, any value added tax that is not recoverable by Buyer and any other taxes, fees and/or duties applicable to the goods and/or services purchased under this Order; provided, however, that any state and local sales, use, excise and/or privilege taxes, if applicable, will not be included in Seller’s price but will be separately identified on Seller’s invoice. If Seller is obligated by law to charge any value added and/or similar tax to Buyer, Seller shall ensure that if such value-added and/or similar tax is applicable, that it is invoiced to Buyer in accordance with applicable rules so as to allow Buyer to reclaim such value-added and/or similar tax from the appropriate government authority. Neither party is responsible for taxes on the other party’s income or the income of the other party’s personnel or subcontractors. If Buyer is required by government regulation to withhold taxes for which Seller is responsible, Buyer will deduct such withholding tax from payment to Seller and provide to Seller a valid tax receipt in Seller’s name. If Seller is exempt from such withholding taxes as a result of a tax treaty or other regime, Seller shall provide to Buyer a valid tax treaty residency certificate or other tax exemption certificate at a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to payment being due. Payment terms are net due [...***...] from the Payment Start Date. The received date of the goods and/or services in Buyer’s receiving system will occur: a) in the case of goods/materials shipped directly to a customer of Buyer (“Material Shipped Direct” or “MSD”), including balance of plant and goods sent to a non-Buyer/non-customer facility in accordance with this Order to be incorporated into MSD, within 48 hours of Buyer being presented with a valid bill of lading confirming that the goods have been shipped from Seller’s facility or in the case of services performed directly for a customer of Buyer, within 48
Billing and Payment of Charges 8.1 Unless otherwise stated, each Party will render monthly bill(s) to the other for Interconnection, Resale Services, Network Elements, functions, facilities, products and services provided hereunder at the rates set forth in the applicable Appendix Pricing, as set forth in applicable tariffs or other documents specifically referenced herein and, as applicable, as agreed upon by the Parties or authorized by a Party.
Payment and Billing 9.6.1 Within fourteen (14) Days after the last Day of each Month, JPS shall prepare and deliver to the Company a statement reflecting all amounts payable to each Party by the other Party in Dollars pursuant to this Agreement (each, a “Statement”). The Statement shall include calculations, in reasonable detail, of such amounts owed to the Company for Fixed Payments and Variable Payments (if any) and amounts owed to JPS, including for liquidated damages, in accordance with this Agreement and the procedures determined by the Operating Committee. The Statement shall be accompanied by any payment owed to the Company.