Continuum and Board Activities Sample Clauses

Continuum and Board Activities. Continuum Coordinator $22 x 750 Hours = $16,500 Travel = 488 Youth Committee Members = 300 5% Program Support = 3,257 $20,545

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  • CONCERTED ACTIVITIES It is agreed and understood that except as specified in the fourth paragraph of this article, there will be no strike, work stoppage, slow-down, picketing, or refusal or failure to perform fully and faithfully job functions and responsibilities, or other interference with the operations of the District by the Association or by its officers, agents, or members during the term of this Agreement, including compliance with the request of other labor organizations to engage in such activity.

  • Restricted Activities The Executive agrees that some restrictions on his activities during and after his employment are necessary to protect the goodwill, Confidential Information and other legitimate interests of the Company and its Affiliates:

  • Outside Activities (a) After the Closing Date, the General Partner, for so long as it is the General Partner of the Partnership (i) agrees that its sole business will be to act as a general partner or managing member, as the case may be, of the Partnership and any other partnership or limited liability company of which the Partnership is, directly or indirectly, a partner or member and to undertake activities that are ancillary or related thereto (including being a limited partner in the Partnership) and (ii) shall not engage in any business or activity or incur any debts or liabilities except in connection with or incidental to (A) its performance as general partner or managing member, if any, of one or more Group Members or as described in or contemplated by the Registration Statement or (B) the acquiring, owning or disposing of debt or equity securities in any Group Member.

  • LIMITED ACTIVITIES Except for activities in connection with the Offering, the Formation Transactions or in the ordinary course of business, the Operating Partnership and the Operating Partnership Subsidiaries have not engaged in any material business or incurred any material obligations.

  • Development Activities The Development activities referred to in item “b” of paragraph 3.1 include: studies and projects of implementation of the Production facilities; drilling and completion of the Producing and injection xxxxx; and installation of equipment and vessels for extraction, collection, Treatment, storage, and transfer of Oil and Gas. The installation referred to in item “c” includes, but is not limited to, offshore platforms, pipelines, Oil and Gas Treatment plants, equipment and facilities for measurement of the inspected Production, wellhead equipment, production pipes, flow lines, tanks, and other facilities exclusively intended for extraction, as well as oil and gas pipelines for Production Outflow and their respective compressor and pumping stations.

  • Competitive Activities For purposes of the Agreement, to which this Exhibit B is attached, “Competitive Activities” means any activities relating to products or services of the same or similar type as the products or services (1) which were or are sold (or, pursuant to an existing business plan, will be sold) to paying customers of the Company or any Related Company, and (2) for which you have any direct or indirect responsibility or any involvement to plan, develop, manage, market, sell, oversee, support, implement or perform, or had any such responsibility or involvement within your most recent 24 months of employment with the Company or any Related Company. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, an activity shall not be treated as a Competitive Activity if the geographic marketing area of such same or similar products or services does not overlap with the geographic marketing area for the applicable products and services of the Company or any Related Company.

  • Religious Activities The Subrecipient agrees that funds provided under this Agreement will not be utilized for inherently religious activities prohibited by 24 CFR 570.200(j), such as worship, religious instruction, or proselytization.

  • Certain Activities Executive during the term of this Agreement shall not (i) give or agree to give, any gift or similar benefit of more than nominal value to any customer, supplier, or governmental employee or official or any other person who is or may be in a position to assist or hinder Company in connection with any proposed transaction, which gift or similar benefit, if not given or continued in the future, might adversely affect the business or prospects of Company, (ii) use any corporate or other funds for unlawful contributions, payments, gifts or entertainment, (iii) make any unlawful expenditures relating to political activity to government officials or others, (iv) establish or maintain any unlawful or unrecorded funds in violation of Section 30A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and (v) accept or receive any unlawful contributions, payments, gifts, or expenditures.

  • Permitted Activities The Executive shall devote his entire business time, attention and energies to the Business of the Employer and shall not during the Term be engaged (whether or not during normal business hours) in any other business or professional activity, whether or not such activity is pursued for gain, profit or other pecuniary advantage; but this shall not be construed as preventing the Executive from:

  • Services to Other Clients; Certain Affiliated Activities (a) The relationship between the Asset Manager and the Series is as described in this Agreement and nothing in this Agreement, none of the services to be provided pursuant to this Agreement, nor any other matter, shall oblige the Asset Manager to accept responsibilities that are more extensive than those set forth in this Agreement.