Continued Development of VX-853 Sample Clauses

Continued Development of VX-853 a) Both parties recognize that VX-853 has already been administered to humans and that certain pharmacological and pharmacokinetic properties of VX-853 are already known. While the parties therefore acknowledge that an early goal of the Research Program is[***], the parties also acknowledge that SCHERING may find it necessary or desirable to obtain additional data with respect to the characteristics of VX-853 before determining whether to exercise its Development Option with respect thereto. In order to accommodate these requirements while at the same time avoiding any significant delay in the development of VX-853, and notwithstanding any other provisions of this Article III,[***]. VERTEX will review with the Research Committee on a regular basis the design of all tests and protocols for studies which VERTEX wishes to conduct and will provide SCHERING with all data resulting from any such tests and studies. In any case VERTEX will review all available data with SCHERING at a meeting Research Agreement--Confidential--Page 15 of the Research Committee to be held approximately 30 days after execution of this Agreement, and at each subsequent meeting of the Research Committee. The provisions of Section 3.3 and 3.4 shall apply to VX-853 in the same way as to other Program Compounds subject only to Sections 3.5(d) and 7.4(b)(i) below. (b) Nothing in this Section 3.5 shall be interpreted as giving VERTEX: (i) [***] except under the provisions of Section 3.4 as modified by Subsection 3.5(d) below. (c) In the event SCHERING does exercise its Development Option with respect to VX-853 [***]. (d) [***] and SCHERING chooses nonetheless not to exercise its Development Option, then VERTEX, may, based on its own judgment of the therapeutic potential of [***] in which case the provisions of Section 3.4 above shall apply except :