CONTAINING Sample Clauses

CONTAINING. 75 ACRES, MORE OR LESS 3898. 3899. LEASE NUMBER: CO-050007-0226 3900. LESSOR: CHAMPLIN PETROLEUM (NOW ANADARDO E&P LP) 3901. LESSEE: CORAL GULF EXPLORATION CORPORATION 3902. LEASE DATE: 01/13/1984 3903. RECORDED: BOOK PAGE ENTRY STATE COUNTY 3904. ------------------------------------------------------------
CONTAINING. 83,466 square feet (1.916 acres) of land be the same, more or less. EXHIBIT B PROJECT BUDGET Freedom Village at Brandywine Entry Fee Expansion 66,000 S.F. 28 Units Equity/ Loan Category Cost $/Unit $/PSF Exposure Budget $/Unit $/PSF Land $ 0 $ 0 $ 0.00 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0.00 Construction: Hard Costs $ 8,617,083 $ 307,753 $ 130.56 $ 2,256,915 $ 6,360,168 $ 227,149 $ 96.37 FF&E $ 444,600 $ 15,879 $ 6.74 $ 0 $ 444,600 $ 15,879 $ 6.74 Hard Cost Contingency $ 200,000 $ 7,143 $ 3.03 $ 0 $ 200,000 $ 7,143 $ 3.03 Sub-Total Construction $ 9,261,683 $ 330,774 $ 140.33 $ 2,256,915 $ 7,004,768 $ 250,170 $ 106.13 Soft Cost: Financing Costs $ 61,096 $ 2,182 $ 0.93 $ 0 $ 61,096 $ 2,182 $ 0.93 Permits & Fees $ 25,000 $ 893 $ 0.38 $ 0 $ 25,000 $ 893 $ 0.38 Legal $ 30,000 $ 1,071 $ 0.45 $ 0 $ 30,000 $ 1,071 $ 0.45 Utilities $ 36,000 $ 1,286 $ 0.55 $ 0 $ 36,000 $ 1,286 $ 0.55 Architecture/Engineering $ 696,300 $ 24,868 $ 10.55 $ 0 $ 696,300 $ 24,868 $ 10.55 Pre Opening/Mrktg $ 795,000 $ 28,393 $ 12.05 $ 0 $ 795,000 $ 28,393 $ 12.05 Taxes & Insurance $ 123,000 $ 4,393 $ 1.86 $ 0 $ 123,000 $ 4,393 $ 1.86 Soft Cost Contingency $ 150,000 $ 5,357 $ 2.27 $ 0 $ 150,000 $ 5,357 $ 2.27 Construction Interest $ 498,000 $ 17,786 $ 7.55 $ 0 $ 498,000 $ 17,786 $ 7.55 Operating Deficit Reserve $ 0 $ 0 $ 0.00 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0.00 Total Project Cost $ 11,676,079 $ 417,003 $ 176.91 $ 2,256,915 $ 9,419,164 $ 336,399 $ 142.71 Borrower's Budget $ 11,676,079 $ 417,003 $ 176.91 $ 2,256,915 $ 9,419,164 $ 336,399 $ 142.71 EXHIBIT C HEALTHCARE RIDER THIS HEALTHCARE RIDER (this "Rider") is attached to and made a part of that certain Loan Agreement (the "Loan Agreement") between ARC BRANDYWINE, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, and GUARANTY BANK. Terms used but not defined herein are defined in the Loan Agreement and shall have the meaning given such terms in the Loan Agreement.
CONTAINING. 6.30 acres, more or less; SUBJECT TO: The right of way of U.S. Highway #27 & #33 and all legal easements.
CONTAINING. 56.10 Acres, more or less. SUBJECT TO all Covenants, Rights, Rights-of-Way and Easements of Record. EXHIBIT B DISPUTE RESOLUTION BETWEEN MANAGER AND ENTERPRISE EMPLOYEES BOARD OF REVIEW Once an employee has been employed at the Enterprise for ninety (90) calendar days, the employee may request a Board of Review if the employee feels job-related problems have not been resolved. The employee may request a Board of Review to protest decisions, work history entries, performance evaluations, any disciplinary action including termination, etc. Three impartial members of the Board shall decide to either uphold, modify, or overturn the original decision made in relation to the issue the employee is protesting. The Board of Review is made up of five (5) impartial members as follows:
CONTAINING. 4.295 acres be, the same more or less. BEING Lot #28 of the above mentioned Plan. BEING part of the same premises which Bannercroft Clothing Company, Inc. (a PA Corporation) by Indenture bearing date the 16/th/ day of December, A.D. 1985 and duly recorded at West Xxxxxxx in the Office for the Recording of Deeds, in and for the County of Xxxxxxx on the 19/th/ day of December A.D. 198o5 in Record Book 166 page 85, granted and conveyed unto The Xxxxxx Grooup, a Partnership, in fee. PHOENIXCOR, INC. 00 XXXXX XX. X. XXXXXXX, XX 00000 June 18, 199 ------------
CONTAINING. (i) Strengthen the capacity of the Recipient to provide adequate support to AMCs which are also DMCs against avian and in the animal health sector in general as specified in Attachment 2 to Schedule 5 to this Grant Agreement; and


  • Certificates; Other Information Deliver to the Administrative Agent and each Lender, in form and detail satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders:

  • Asbestos Any material that contains more than one percent asbestos and is friable or is releasing asbestos fibers into the air above current action levels established by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • Information The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, furnished with all materials relating to the business, finances and operations of the Company and materials relating to the offer and sale of the Securities which have been requested by the Buyer or its advisors. The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, afforded the opportunity to ask questions of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company has not disclosed to the Buyer any material nonpublic information and will not disclose such information unless such information is disclosed to the public prior to or promptly following such disclosure to the Buyer. Neither such inquiries nor any other due diligence investigation conducted by Buyer or any of its advisors or representatives shall modify, amend or affect Buyer’s right to rely on the Company’s representations and warranties contained in Section 3 below. The Buyer understands that its investment in the Securities involves a significant degree of risk. The Buyer is not aware of any facts that may constitute a breach of any of the Company's representations and warranties made herein.

  • Materials The Executive will use Confidential Information only for normal and customary use in the Company’s business, as determined reasonably and in good faith by the Company. The Executive will return to the Company all Confidential Information and copies thereof and all other property of the Company or any Company Affiliate at any time upon the request of the Company and in any event immediately after termination of Executive’s employment. The Executive agrees to identify and return to the Company any copies of any Confidential Information after the Executive ceases to be employed by the Company. Anything to the contrary notwithstanding, nothing in this Section 7 shall prevent the Executive from retaining a home computer (provided all Confidential Information has been removed), papers and other materials of a personal nature, including diaries, calendars and Rolodexes, information relating to his compensation or relating to reimbursement of expenses, information that may be needed for tax purposes, and copies of plans, programs and agreements relating to his employment.

  • Certificates; Reports; Other Information Furnish to the Administrative Agent, for distribution to each Lender:

  • Files Grievance documents shall be maintained separately from employee personnel files. Employee personnel files will accurately reflect the final outcome of a grievance.

  • Insulation Insulation installed in the Property shall be as follows:

  • Storage Your milk must be stored in accordance with all Laws and the Quality Standards. Your milk will not be collected by DFMC from non-refrigerated vessels. Furthermore, DFMC will not accept your milk if it has been segregated on the basis of composition or quality.

  • Material Information As of the date hereof, as of the Closing Date and as of the Additional Closing Date, as the case may be, the sale of the Shares by such Selling Stockholder is not and will not be prompted by any material information concerning the Company which is not set forth in the Registration Statement, the Pricing Disclosure Package or the Prospectus.

  • Data The information set forth in the related Mortgage Loan Schedule, including any diskette or other related data tapes sent to the Purchaser, is complete, true and correct in all material respects. The information on the Mortgage Loan Schedule and the information provided are consistent with the contents of the originator's records and the Mortgage File. The Mortgage Loan Schedule contains all of the required fields. Any seller or builder concession has been subtracted from the Appraised Value of the Mortgaged Property for purposes of determining the LTV and CLTV. Except for information specified to be as of the origination date of the Mortgage Loan, the Mortgage Loan Schedule contains the most current information possessed by the originator. No appraisal or other property valuation referred to or used to determine any data listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule was more than 3 months old at the time of the Mortgage Loan closing.