Constraints on the Use of Shared Information Sample Clauses

Constraints on the Use of Shared Information. USER acknowledges that its employees and personnel will have access to confidential and proprietary SHARED INFORMATION of the BOPU during the term of this Agreement and agrees not to disclose any SHARED INFORMATION obtained to any person or entity except as authorized herein. All SHARED INFORMATION is to be considered confidential and proprietary and is subject to the restrictions herein. The USER agrees that no SHARED INFORMATION will be sold, given or loaned to any person or entity not a party to this Agreement without the express written consent of the BOPU. The USER agrees and understands that certain SHARED INFORMATION held by the BOPU may be subject to state and federal law including, but not limited to, the Wyoming Public Records Act, WS 16-4-201 et seq. The USER agrees and understands that access to SHARED INFORMATION owned by the BOPU may be denied at any time pursuant to W.S. 16-4-203(b)(vi) or W.S. 16-4-203(d)(v), as information which might jeopardize public safety or as trade secrets, respectively.All SHARED INFORMATION is provided solely for the benefit of the USER and exclusively for planning purposes. The USER expressly acknowledges and understands that the SHARED INFORMATION represents estimated location of utility facilities and is not meant to replace locates or field identification. Any reliance upon, reproduction of, or use of the shared information will be at the sole and exclusive risk of the USER.