Confined Sample Clauses

Confined regional aquifer zones of moderate permeability are present at a depth of approximately 190 to 200 feet bgs. These aquifer zones are an extension of the major artesian basin of the south Bay and Santa Xxxxx Valley and consists chiefly of unconsolidated Quaternary Alluvium. GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION AND WATER QUALITY
Confined. “Livestock” and Poultry Loss -- With respect to confined “livestock” and poultry loss, the following conditions apply:
Confined. Aquatic Disposal Site (CAD): Under the CAD alternative the contaminated sediments would be dredged and deposited in a constructed CAD facility at a yet to be determined location. A CAD facility is a submerged containment area where dredged material is placed. This alternative would reduce some potentially significant impacts, but would not avoid or reduce the significant unavoidable impacts. This alternative would also increase some potentially significant impacts, thus requiring additional mitigation measures. This alternative was rejected as infeasible because:
Confined space means one of which the dimensions are such that the employee must work in a stooped or cramped position or without adequate ventilation, or where confinement within a limited space is productive of unusual discomfort to the employee.
Confined. “Livestock” and Poultry --
Confined. 5 The Contractor to have a hazard assessment of the confined SPACES space performed. (Cont'd)
Confined. The premium apply at the discretion of a Director of a Department, or his designate, when a MechanicalTechnician, Welder or Painter is required to work in a tank, septic tank, siphon or when they are required to access and repair inside garbage trucks or sewage equipment.
Confined. 1 All work in confined spaces will be carried out in compliance with SPACES the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, Part XI.

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  • Specific The Parties agree to comply with the following provisions of the Prime Contract, which are incorporated herein by reference: The Americans with Disabilities Act Provisions. Nondiscrimination/Sexual Harassment Clause. Contractor Integrity Provisions.

  • DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY 14.1 The property as referred to in the Proclamation of Sale shall be deemed to have been correctly and sufficiently described.

  • General All payments to be made by the Borrower shall be made without condition or deduction for any counterclaim, defense, recoupment or setoff. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, all payments by the Borrower hereunder shall be made to the Administrative Agent, for the account of the respective Lenders to which such payment is owed, at the Administrative Agent’s Office in Dollars and in immediately available funds not later than 2:00 p.m. on the date specified herein. The Administrative Agent will promptly distribute to each Lender its Applicable Percentage (or other applicable share as provided herein) of such payment in like funds as received by wire transfer to such Lender’s Lending Office. All payments received by the Administrative Agent after 2:00 p.m. shall be deemed received on the next succeeding Business Day and any applicable interest or fee shall continue to accrue. If any payment to be made by the Borrower shall come due on a day other than a Business Day, payment shall be made on the next following Business Day, and such extension of time shall be reflected in computing interest or fees, as the case may be.

  • Use of the Property The Tenant agrees with the Landlord as follows:-

  • Description of the Project The objectives of the Project are: (a) to improve the quality of life for the urban poor in the Borrower’s territory; and (b) to enable their municipal governments to continue and sustain such improvements through capacity building and improved access to credit. The Project consists of the following parts, subject to such modifications thereof as the Borrower and the Association may agree upon from time to time to achieve such objectives: Part A: Urban Services and Infrastructure Provision of financing to Eligible Municipalities, in the form of Subloans, for the carrying out of Loan Window Subprojects consisting of city-level infrastructure investments (that are revenue generating and permit cost recovery) to:

  • Use of the Leased Property (a) Lessee covenants that it will proceed with all due diligence and will exercise reasonable efforts to obtain and to maintain all Licenses and other approvals needed to use and operate the Leased Property and the Hotel under applicable local, state and federal law.

  • ONLY pdf If proposing on Part 2, the vendor must download the Vendor Agreement from the attachment tab, fill in the requested information and upload the completed agreement. DO NOT UPLOAD encrypted or password protected files.

  • Parties in Possession Except as disclosed on Exhibit B, there are no parties in possession of any Leased Property or any portion thereof as managers, lessees, tenants at sufferance, or trespassers.

  • Shopping Goods and works estimated to cost less than $100,000 equivalent per contract may be procured under contracts awarded on the basis of Shopping.

  • Documents, Records and Funds in Possession of the Master Servicer to be Held for the Trustee. The Master Servicer shall account fully to the Trustee for any funds it receives or otherwise collects as Liquidation Proceeds or Insurance Proceeds in respect of any Mortgage Loan. All Mortgage Files and funds collected or held by, or under the control of, the Master Servicer in respect of any Mortgage Loans, whether from the collection of principal and interest payments or from Liquidation Proceeds, including any funds on deposit in the Certificate Account, shall be held by the Master Servicer for and on behalf of the Trustee and shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of the Trustee, subject to the applicable provisions of this Agreement. The Master Servicer also agrees that it shall not create, incur or subject any Mortgage File or any funds that are deposited in the Certificate Account, the Collection Account, Distribution Account, or any Escrow Account, or any funds that otherwise are or may become due or payable to the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders, to any claim, lien, security interest, judgment, levy, writ of attachment, or other encumbrance, or assert by legal action or otherwise any claim or right of setoff against any Mortgage File or any funds collected on, or in connection with, a Mortgage Loan, except, however, that the Master Servicer shall be entitled to set off against and deduct from any such funds any amounts that are properly due and payable to the Master Servicer under this Agreement.