Configuration & Comparison Sample Clauses

Configuration & Comparison. Contemporaneous with the execution -------------------------- of this Amendment, the Parties shall execute and deliver the Technology and Data License Agreement referenced above. Pursuant to the terms of and as set forth in the Technology and Data License Agreement, MP will develop and License to AOL the Technology specified in the Technology and Data License Agreement (the "Licensed Technology"), provided, however, that AOL may use any or all of the Licensed Technology at its option and shall not be required to use all of such Licensed Technology. MP covenants that it will provide AOL during the Term with all **Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to certain information contained in this document. Confidential portions have been omitted from the public filing and have been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. additions to, expansions or refinements of, or enhancements to the Licensed Technology for [**].

Related to Configuration & Comparison

  • Configuration 3.1 Subject to the provisions of Article 3.2, below, the configuration for the Option Aircraft will be the Detail Specification for model 737-900ER aircraft at the revision level in effect at the time of Definitive Agreement (as defined below). Such Detail Specification will be revised to include (i) changes applicable to the Detail Specification that are developed by Boeing between the Option Exercise Date (as defined below) and the signing of the Definitive Agreement, (ii) changes required to obtain required regulatory certificates, and (iii) other changes as mutually agreed.

  • Geometric visibility The visibility of the illuminating surface, including its visibility in areas which do not appear to be illuminated in the direction of observation considered, shall be ensured within a divergent space defined by generating lines based on the perimeter of the illuminating surface and forming an angle of not less than 5° with the axis of reference of the headlamp.

  • Architecture All Redeveloper Improvements shall have consistent architectural features, detailing, and design elements in accordance with the Project Schematic Drawings. All accessory building walls, screening walls, or fences shall use the same primary material, color, and detailing as on the main buildings, unless shown differently on approved Exterior Construction Documents.

  • Layout a. Estimate and quantity sheet

  • Dimensions Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Experience: A minimum of 10 years of IT (including Web/Internet, database applications and data warehousing) and business/industry work experience, with at least 3 years of leadership experience in managing multiple, large, cross-functional teams or project, and influencing senior level management and key stakeholders.

  • Signaling Parameters All SS7 signaling parameters will be provided in conjunction with traffic exchange trunk groups, where and as available. These parameters include Automatic Number Identification ("ANI"), Calling Party Number ("CPN"), Privacy Indicator, calling party category information, originating line information, charge number, etc. Also included are all parameters relating to network signaling information, such as Carrier Information Parameter ("CIP"), wherever such information is needed for call routing or billing. GTE will provide SS7 via GR-394-SS7 and/or GR-317-SS7 format(s).

  • Network Interconnection Architecture DTI may interconnect with GTE at any of the minimum technically feasible points required by the FCC. Interconnection at additional points will be reviewed on an individual case basis. Where the Parties mutually agree following a Bona Fide Request to directly interconnect their respective networks, interconnection will be as specified in the following subsections. The "IPs" shall be set forth in Appendix B attached to this Agreement and made a part hereof. Based on the configuration, the installation timeline will vary considerably, however, GTE will work with DTI in all circumstances to install "IPs" within 120 calendar days absent extenuating circumstances. Internetwork connection and protocol must be based on industry standards developed consistent with Section 256 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  • Functionality Customer is entitled to additional functionality previously purchased or bundled with the software if available in the version or update released on or after the start date of the Agreement. Customer acknowledges that certain functionality in current and previous software versions may not be available in future upgrades. Added functionality may require additional paid services (clinical and technical) to configure and support.

  • Service Area (a) SORACOM shall provide the SORACOM Private Network Service within the area designated on the EU (Frankfurt) region of AWS, provided, that, the Service Area may be different if stated otherwise as specified by SORACOM separately.

  • Infrastructure (a) Each Loan Party has and will maintain a sufficient infrastructure to conduct its business as presently conducted and as contemplated to be conducted following its execution of this Agreement.