Confidentiality; Nondisclosure of Information; Inventions; Non-Disparagement Sample Clauses

Confidentiality; Nondisclosure of Information; Inventions; Non-Disparagement a)Except as expressly permitted by the Company in writing or required by law, Executive shall not at any time disclose to any person or entity or use for Executive's own benefit or for the benefit of any person or entity other than the Company, any Proprietary or Confidential Information disclosed to, obtained by or developed by Executive during Executive's employment by the Company. (b)Executive is aware of the restrictions imposed by federal and state securities laws on a person possessing material, non-public information. Executive further acknowledges that the disclosure of any material, non-public information to another person who would or does conduct trades in any securities while in possession of any material, non-public information is a violation of law, which could subject Executive and persons to whom the information was disclosed to civil and criminal penalties under the securities laws of the United States.(c)Any and all Inventions made, developed or created by Executive, alone or in conjunction with others, during regular hours of work or otherwise, during Executive's term of employment by the Company, that may be directly or indirectly useful in or related to the business of, or tests being carried out by, the Company, are the exclusive property of the Company. Executive hereby assigns all Inventions to the Company and will, upon the Company's request, whether before or after the Termination Date, execute all documents necessary or advisable in the opinion of the Company or its counsel to direct issuance of any type of intellectual property right to the Company with respect to Inventions that are the exclusive property of the Company or to vest in the Company title to such Inventions. The expense of securing any such intellectual property right shall be borne by the Company. Executive will keep confidential and will hold for the Company's sole benefit any Invention that is to be the Company's exclusive property for which no intellectual property right is issued.(d)If Executive is compelled by applicable law or governmental regulation or compulsory legal process to disclose Proprietary or Confidential Information, Executive must notify the Company in advance and in writing, as soon as Executive is aware that disclosure is or may be required or appropriate, of the nature of any such proposed disclosure and the persons or entities to which such disclosure is proposed to be made, so that the Company has the opportunity to take such action as it ...
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