Confidentiality measures Sample Clauses

Confidentiality measures. Each Party shall take all necessary confidential measures and preventive methods for protecting the confidentiality of the Confidential information, which shall be comparable to those taken by itself to protect its own sensitive data of the same nature. In any case, the aforementioned confidentiality measures and prevention methods shall be at least equivalent to the general standards adopted in this industry for protecting highly confidential data and trade secrets.
Confidentiality measures. Both Parties shall take all necessary confidentiality measures and precautions to safeguard the confidentiality of Confidential Information. The confidentiality measures and precautions shall be consistent with the measures and precautions the Parties take respectively to protect their own respective sensitive information. In any event, the measures and precautions shall be at least the standards that a reasonable business entity would adopt to protect its own highly confidential information and trade secrets.
Confidentiality measures. 1.1. Physical Access Control Physical measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing data processing systems. We deploy security locking systems with keys and only use transponders for our main doors. Our transponder system allows us to instantly disable a transponder if lost and shows us a log of who and when someone entered our facilities. In addition we carefully select our cleaning and maintenance personnel. 1.2. Systems Access Control Measures to prevent the use of data processing systems by unauthorized persons. We have two-factor authentication (2FA) and strong password policies for all services that our employees use. Every laptop that we hand out to employees enforces password protection, an encrypted hard drive and automatic screen lock. In addition, we use a services that let us remotely lock an entire machine, should it be abducted or lost somehow. 1.3. Data Access Control Measures to ensure that persons authorized to use data processing systems have access to only such data that is covered by their authorization and that personal data cannot be read, copied, altered or removed during processing, use or after storage. All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit (see Security Policy at Our CTO is the only employee with direct data processing systems access and he uses a VPN at all times (connection is blocked for him while the VPN loads or is unavailable). 1.4. Separation Control Measures to ensure that data collected for different purposes can be processed separately. Our production and sandbox environment, as well as the different web/mobile clients we use or offer are completely isolated instances.
Confidentiality measures. 5.1. To secure the confidentiality attaching to the Proprietary Information the Recipient shall : 5.1.1. keep separate all Proprietary Information and all information generated by the Recipient based thereon from all documents and other records of the Recipient; 5.1.2. keep all documents and other material bearing or incorporating any of the Proprietary Information at the usual place of business of the Recipient, namely 5.1.3. not use, reproduce, transform, or store any of the Proprietary Information in any externally accessible computer or electronic information retrieval system or transmit it in any form or by any means whatsoever outside of its usual place of business; 5.1.4. allow access to the Proprietary Information exclusively to those employees of the Recipient who have reasonable need to see and use it for the purposes of its evaluation by the Recipient and shall inform each of the said employees of the confidential nature of the Proprietary Information and of the obligations on the Recipient in respect thereof; 5.1.5. wherever reasonably practicable obtain a written statement from each of its employees having access to the Proprietary Information undertaking to maintain the same confidential and shall take such steps as may be reasonably desirable to enforce such obligations. 5.1.6. make copies of the Proprietary Information only to the extent that the same is strictly required for the purposes of any licence granted to the Recipient; 5.1.7. on request of NET4U made at any time shall deliver up to NET4U all documents and other material in the possession, custody or control of the Recipient that bear or incorporate any part of the Proprietary Information.
Confidentiality measures. DISTRIBUTOR and its affiliates (or its consultant) shall hold all proprietary information disclosed to it under this Agreement in confidence at all times during and for 176 three years after the term of this Agreement and each party shall require each of its employees and affiliates (or its consultant) having access to know-how relating to the Product or component parts thereof to enter into an Agreement (Exhibit IV) whereby each individual agrees to hold such proprietary information in confidence at all times, and agrees not to compete with TRB or the DISTRIBUTOR either during their employment or engagement and for a three year period thereafter. Other measures to be taken by the DISTRIBUTOR to hold proprietary information in confidence shall be subject to the review and approval of TRB. TRB shall have the specific right, in the event of a violation or breach of this Section 6.02 by any of the DISTRIBUTOR'S employees and/or affiliates (or its consultant) to enforce the provisions of this Section; and to commence an action with respect thereto, in the DISTRIBUTOR'S name and stead, if the DISTRIBUTOR for any reason elects not to enforce such provision. ARTICLE SEVEN - PRODUCT WARRANTIES
Confidentiality measures. END-USER agrees to keep in strict confidence the Data Resources received under this Agreement and to use only for non-commercial linguistic education and research and evaluation purposes and no for other purposes. In the event that END-USER's use of Data Resources results in the development of a commercial product, END-USER has to ask the permission to DISTRIBUTOR. Unless explicitly permitted herein, END-USER shall have no right to copy, redistribute, transmit, publish or otherwise use the Data Resources for any other purpose and END-USER further agrees not to disclose, copy, or re-distribute the Data Resources to others outside of END-USER's research group.END-USER will keep Data Resources only for the time strictly necessary to fulfil the aims set out in the research project and in any case for the time established by law. After this time, Data Resources shall be destroyed and/or deleted.END-USER is not permitted to copy, reproduce ore reduce to writing any part of the Data Resources expect as may be reasonably necessary for the research purposes.END-USER is not permitted to make available to the public all or any substantial part of the contents of the Data Resources, evaluated quantitatively and/or qualitatively, by the distribution of copies, by renting, leasing or any other form of distribution, including free or open-source ones.END-USER is not permitted to distribute and market any derivative product or service based on all or a substantial part of the Data Resources.END-USER acquires no ownership, rights or title in all or any parts of the Data Resources.Without prejudice to the other provisions, the rights referred to herein shall be non transferable to any other entity. The Data Resources shall not be transferred to or accessed from any other site.
Confidentiality measures. SLP Toolkit agrees to implement appropriate measures designed to ensure the confidentiality of Student Data and other data, protect against any anticipated hazards or threats to the integrity or security of such information, protect against unauthorized access or disclosure of information, and prevent any other action that could result in substantial harm to the Organization or an individual identified with the data or information in SLP Toolkit’s custody. SLP Toolkit certifies that it has implemented policies and procedures to protect against reasonably foreseeable unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, Student Data or other data, and to prevent other reasonably foreseeable events that may result in substantial harm to the Organization or any individual student. SLP Toolkit shall not permit Organization data or Student Data to be maintained or stored on any of SLP Toolkit’s Mobile Device or Portable Storage Medium unless it is encrypted.
Confidentiality measures. The Subcontractor undertakes to the Contractor that they will:4.1. keep the Confidential Information in a secure place separate from other documents and materials;4.2. not store or use the Confidential Information in any networked computer system that is not secure; and4.3. keep the Confidential Information received by them at their usual place of business.
Confidentiality measures. To secure the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and Transaction Information, the Offeror shall, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that its Representatives shall, without limitation, (i) store all documents or materials containing Confidential Information or Transaction Information safely and to protect them against theft and any unauthorised access; (ii) only make copies of the Confidential Information or Transaction Information to the extent required for allowing the Offeror and its Representatives to evaluate the Offer; (iii) not use, reproduce, transform or store any of the Confidential Information or Transaction Information in a computer or electronic information retrieval system that is known to be accessible by third parties; (iv) inform the Company immediately upon becoming aware of any actual or imminent unauthorised use or disclosure of Confidential Information or Transaction Information, and take all reasonable steps to assist the Company in preventing or stopping such unauthorised use or disclosure; and (v) respond forthwith to any reasonable query by the Company regarding the use, storage or alleged disclosure of the Confidential Information or Transaction Information received by it or any of its Representatives.